March 28, 2013

Where oh Where...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks just due to craziness around here. There has been a lot of work and not a lot of play. We have so many projects we want to start, but then we can't because of the weather or it would just simply be easier to wait until it was nicer.

To be totally honest, I just haven't even felt like posting anything. I haven't worked on any projects and that is truly what I love to write about. Once the weather gets nicer we will hopefully be able to start doing some projects.

I also got a new job and start that next week so I just want to get a feel for how and when I should post based on my new schedule. I also kind of hit a road block when it came to the design and I really want to launch that it's just a work in progress....I promise we are not just disappearing.

This is something I love to do but I also have to make time for it and lately I've just wanted to relax on my one day off a week. I will get back to posting but I just needed some time off.

While we are all resting up around here and waiting for Spring to come so we can do some projects - share with us what you've been working on!

March 15, 2013

Frankfurter Friday

The first day of Spring is officially next Wednesday. The only reassuring thing about that is that most of our snow is melted now. We've been getting flurries the past couple of days but it is still March in Central NY and we've been known to have one last storm on Mother's Day - so anything goes.

Last winter was so much different - we were having 60 and 70 degree days January - March  and I remember last year St.Patrick's Day weekend was unseasonably warm and gorgeous out. It's going to be nice and cold around here this weekend though.

Have a Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Max is just going to relax all weekend - no big parties planned for him. HA!

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