July 30, 2012

A little switch-a-roo

You can ask anyone in my family and Mr.B I love a good room re-arranging. As a kid I would change my room around almost weekly. I'd be in my room crashing and banging around and my parents would just shake their heads and go about their day. It was like, "Oh, Ashley's changing around her room again."

So naturally, when we moved into our house things were no different. A few months after living there I talked Mr.B into re-arranging the ENTIRE house. I mean switching every room to different rooms. As in taking the Master Bedroom from the second floor to first floor, switching his office with guest room, my office for master, and guest bedroom for where his office was. Phew, confusing I know. It took forever and we lived with it that way for awhile and then swapped a few of the rooms around. Then we just moved everything all back to the way it originally was.

We haven't done that in awhile but I still love me some room re-arranging. We've had the living room setup the same way for about 6-8 months and I've been itching for a little change a roo. So last night I just couldn't take it anymore.

Here it was to begin with...not bad, not bad at all. Well this is sort of the before...it's a few months before. Furniture all in those spots plus or minus some stuff.

I tried moving the couch onto the book shelf wall and pushed the bookshelf all the way into corner ( I forgot to take a picture) but it just looked to cramped.

So then I ended up with couch over here. We've had it this way before so I knew I would like it. I actually love it!

The big mans chair over in the corner and the bookshelf back in its original spot. I love it because now I get to enjoy the picture wall a little bit. ( More on that later)

Here's a few comparison shots so you don't have to scroll.

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