July 31, 2012

Stencil It!

So awhile back while on Pinterest! I saw a pin for a great stenciled table. Some of you might already know what I'm taking about because it was all over for awhile.

The table was done by Ashley from Domestic Imperfection and you can check out the post here. This is actually the post that got me started on reading her blog. She has some awesome ideas so definitely check her out.

At the time I saw this post I was getting ready to re-do an old dresser I use in my office for storage. I thought about going ombre as seen on this blog, or go for the numbered look as seen on this blog, or just re-stain it and be done with it.

Then I came across Ashley's stenciled table and knew I wanted to do something like that. So I went to Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupon in hand to see what they had. Now Damask is my jam, all day err day. It is my signature on a piece if you will. So when I went to Hobby Lobby  I was just hoping they had a nice big ol' damask stencil. Alas, I found this jem. They were out of stencil spray glue so I picked up this little tube of stuff they had. I couldn't find it on their website, but regardless it didn't work so I wouldn't recommend it.

So here is what the dresser looked like before. Originally, it was covered in stickers but Mr.B took care of that when we were gifted it.

Here are some more shots of it so you can see the way it sort of 'steps down'.

There's Max! He made his debut. These pictures show you how it is sort of a like a trunk dresser, but the top doesn't really get smaller like a trunk dresser .It just has a large lip that starts just below the top 2 drawers. This created a bit of a dilemma for me because I wanted to stencil the whole thing. I knew the stencil wasn't going to lay properly if I tried to do it on the sides and on the big lip in the front. Mr.B had a great suggestion of just doing the drawers and I thought I'd do the top also.

So then I used the trusty palm sander to sand everything down. Here is what it looked like after that.

It was realllyyyy hot that day so Max was trying to hang out in the little bit of shade the dresser was making. 

I didn't forget to sand the drawers!

So after sanding I wiped everything down with a wet cloth to get all the sanding particles and other junk off of it. I knew I wanted to use a lime green paint and I had a can go Glidden spring green in eggshell. I didn't love how it looked by itself. I wanted something a little brighter/lighter if that makes sense. I also had 2 samples pots one of Valspar's funshine and an Olympic custom color. The sample pots were both in Satin. I just played around and mixed them all together with no rhyme or reason and came up with the color of my liking.

I setup all the drawers so that they were all touching and even. As I mentioned before the glue I got from Hobby Lobby didn't work. I needed something because it is super windy where we live. As in, we have a windmill farm by our house, duh! So I found some spray adhesive and just used that - and it worked perfectly!

I used a small roller that you can find at Home Depot or Lowe's it says its for cabinets and doors. This is my go to roller for any furniture I paint because it doesn't leave brush strokes like a brush, and they're low nap so you don't get a lot of texture just smooth even paint.

The stencil really confused me at first and I never quite figured out how to use it according the directions. I just figured it out in my own way. I started in the top middle - I thought that seemed like a good starting point.

Other than the nice sunburn I got the heat actually worked in my favor because the paint dried really quick. That was kind of important because it did have to overlap in some spots like on the edges so it made it go quick since I didn't have to wait for the paint to dry.

So after I was done stenciling the drawers I was thinking those were going to be just the pop I needed and that if I did the top it would look unfinished.

So I moved onto staining.

For the stain I used a brush to get in the crevices and I slathered it on and then I used a rag and wiped it off. I tried to apply more stain in all the cracks and around the trim pieces to give it a darker weathered look.

Then I just brushed stain over the drawers and wiped it off with the rag. It made the green paint look awesome because it still had the bright color that I wanted it just looked aged!

I really liked the texture and look of it so I opted to not add any poly. I liked that it looked old and weathered and had a rough feeling to it. I may eventually opt to add some poly even if it is just a light coat to seal the whole deal, but for now I'm loving the aged feel of it.

So here it is in my office with a few things on top. I swear it's centered - its just the angle of the picture.

I know it's hard to really enjoy it with the pink carpet but squint a little - it looks great!

I just love how it all turned out. It still functions the same way for me but now when I walk in my office this is what I see and it just puts a smile on my face!

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