August 6, 2012

Bathroom Remix

So if you've taken a look at our house pictures then you've seen some rooms have been transformed and others are still waiting their turn in line.

One room we have tackled was the bathroom. Bathrooms are typically easy projects because they aren't usually huge spaces so you can update them fairly quickly and in-expensively. This bathroom is downstairs and it's our biggest bathroom and the one we use everyday.

This is what we started out with.

The vanity and counter top were brand new. They weren't really that bad and they were brand new so there was no way that I would just get rid of them. The linoleum floor was old and had scuff marks and spots that wouldn't never get clean - so that had to go. The blinds we had from our apartment and were just using them for the time being. The walls were painted a cream color in flat finish which equals an unspeakable nightmare. There is a time and place for flat paint and it is NOT in the bathroom.

I got a free sample of Valspar's glass tile when they were doing a giveaway. I used it to make that large 2' x 4' square. I wanted to really get a feel for the color before we committed. It is good to look at it under different light and at different times during the day.

I used the SHUR-Line edger tool to get all the edges because there were so many nooks and crannies and it worked great.  I did 2 coats with the edger and then rolled the rest.

Valspar's signature paint and primer is always our go to paint. It goes on very good and I always do 2 coats just to be sure I get a good even coat.

The fan was old and discolored - we updated that also.

I probably could have just touched up the spots that were a little lighter, but I did a second coat anyway. Mr. B unhooked the toilet so that we could clean and paint behind the toilet. I've seen the trick of laying a piece of saran wrap over the tank, but our tank was super close so that wouldn't have worked.

Painting was all done but we still needed to install the new vanity light, the new fan and the new flooring.

Mr.B installed the new laminate floor we got from Lowe's. We thought about doing ceramic tile but in the end we decided that we just liked the fact that this was one piece so there were no seams or grout to worry about. Honestly, they've really stepped up the laminate game because it looks very realistic.

You can see the new fan below. A lot of people don't like the 'boob' lights, but honestly it was such an upgrade from the old fan and you wouldn't even know it was a fan. So don't hate. We also got a curved curtain rod which is awesome, because honestly who likes when the shower curtain blows in and hits your legs.

We got rid of the big chunky blinds and I hung up some lace curtains I already had. I'm still trying to figure something out for privacy. There only fields behind our house, right now with sunflowers,so I doubt anybody is looking in, but it just creeps me out sometimes.

I like the idea of making a little vignette over the toilet area. So Mr.B and I went to Hobby Lobby and found the shelf and the basket. The apothecary jar and the little colored jars also came from there.

Our new light, faucet and shower head were all in brushed nickle. The three little hooks on the side are great for hanging towels. I hate when you go to some ones house and there's not hand towel just the towel they use after they shower. I want to get a monogrammed towel with guest or hand on it. The little print to the left of the mirror also came from Lowe's it is bathroom themed but matched our colors perfectly.

Put the towel bars on the back of the door so that they weren't taking up wall space and they look neat and organized this way.

Overall it was a fairly simple project. The unhooking of the toilet took a lot longer than expected due to some plumbing issues and we have to fix some things we weren't anticipating. We've come to expect unexpected plumbing issues because we had a lot of them when we first moved in. Everything is brand new and fixed so we don't have to worry about anymore issues. WOOHOO!

Item list:

Wax warmer - not the exact one pictured but I have this one also $16.99 got it half off
Rustic Shelf - $34.99 used 40% coupon
Metal container - $14.99 on clearance for $5.10 at Hobby Lobby
Hooks on vanity - $2.99 a piece from Lowe's Gatehouse Brand
Faucet - $40.00 on sale
Shower head - $49.98
Towel bars - $17.98
Vanity light - $88.00 I got the display for $25.00
Shower Curtain- $20 Target it isn't on their website anymore
Curtain Rod - $49.98
Exhaust fan - $89.00
Wall Art-  Lowe's not on their website
Basket Small - Don't remember price
Valspar Satin Finish Glass Tile -1 Gallon #34.98 had a $5.00 coupon
Laminate Flooring - Lowe's in-stock
Towels - TJ Maxx 
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