August 21, 2012

Ever after.

Truth - I love to read, I believe in after life, mediums, and psychics and this article changed my life.

My grandpa died when I was 7. His funeral is so vivid in my mind that its like a scene from a movie I've watched over and over. I remember sitting at the back on a couch with my Uncle - not evening crying. I remember going up with my Dad and I remember exactly what he said.

I have a personality type that if it could be categorized or labeled it would be- sensitive. I remember from a young age being a people watcher. My Mom ,Sister and Grandma would walk away in stores not realizing that I wasn't paying attention. I pick up on peoples feelings without them even saying a word. I could be out at a store and someone could walk in and the look on their face and their mannerisms just speak to me. I feel  their hurt and sadness and they haven't even said Hi to me or know my name. When people tell me what's going on in their life I take it on their happiness, pain, name it.

I think at the funeral I didn't know what to do and there were so many emotions that I just tried to 'be'. I've carried this experience with me since that day. I placed my Grandpa Travers on a pedestal. In my mind everything was right and perfect when he was with us and he was amazing and awesome. Nothing will change that for me now.

I love to read and I've read a lot of books on the after life and what to expect and stories of people being re-united with loved ones through a medium or psychic. I've garnered an unnatural feeling towards death. I'm obsessed with figuring out what happens after, but I don't know how to comfort someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

That article was eye opening to me and lead me to read a lot more books on the subject. Including the book the excerpt for that article was taken from. All of this to say here are some good books you should read.

Great book - very insightful. It will answer a lot of questions and make you think of so many more questions you never even thought to ask yourself. This book is like the border of a puzzle and any other book you read on the subject is the middle pieces.

A good friend turned me onto Sylvia Browne who is a well known Psychic. This book discusses stigmas and myths about psychics and also offers insight and understanding. 

Eye opening story on prayer, life and death. One mans story on what it was like to be in heaven and how it felt here on earth after and the struggles he went through to recover.

This book isn't so much about what happens after but what happens here. Sometimes you have to stop being selfish and let your love one know that you will be okay without them. It would be a great book for someone to read after they've lost someone or have someone in their life who is ill.

There are so many more out there. These only touch on the surface of what you can know and learn. For me it offers peace and a sense of knowing. I don't write this to be a downer but to let people know that this is a part of me. I believe everything happens for a reason and that there is life after death.

I wouldn't consider myself a religious person but I'm a believer. At low points in my life I've always turned to my Grandpa and begged for him to help me through what I was going through. He has been with me not psychically but in spirit to assure me that he hears me and is with me. That is what helps me get through my struggles.

Everyone needs to believe in something and needs to find hope. I'm a more complex person than people realize on the surface. I often wonder who Max was in his previous life - the love I have for him is enormous, we must have known each other before. 

Happy reading!
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