August 30, 2012

Finished up.

I left with you that nice little picture of Maximus and Kota being all lovey dovey but if I'm being honest Kota needs to get back to work. He gets way to high strung and spastic when he's off for too long and 3 weeks is too long.

Anywhoo, after we did all the staining, counter top adding, and finishing we brought that baby upstairs to put her in place.

So here it is in place but we still have a few things to do. We initially thought we'd just screw it into the wall as is, but after we did that we realized that the gap along the back bothered us to much and made it look unfinished and junky.

It is definitely such an upgrade though! That drawer has some serious real estate, let me tell you. When the biggest drawers in your kitchen are less than 12" you get real excited about something like this. A full size silver ware holder - SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Honestly though - can you even tell that cabinet is not exactly the same? From this vantage point definitely not and if you don't live here and hadn't bought the cabinet you probably couldn't tell. Did you spot the JEM?

Before we get into that - this is what the cabinet looks like up against the wall. Mr.B ended up taking the base board that was along the back wall off and re-cut it so that everything was seamless and it was such an improvement.

Snug as a bug! He's got skills and it means less bills. If we had to hire this stuff out we probably wouldn't do it. You can't even tell that this was an after thought. After it was all in place he screwed it into the wall so that it wasn't going anywhere.

Girl you look good once you back...umm, once your in place. 24" doesn't seem like a lot, but in a kitchen that has a decent amount of counter space but a huge lack in storage and drawers this is huge.

Mr.B wanted to make it a 'coffee bar' if you will. I typed that with my pinkie up just so you know. Refined folks have coffee bars so I guess we just upped the anty around here. We have a bamboo k-cup holder under our Keurig so it was kind of a pain to have it on the counter space we had before because it'd have to be pulled out so that it didn't hit the upper cabinets. Now Mr.B can lock and load and not worry.

The piece-de-resistance was of course the three-tier basket. Not that long ago I was telling Mr.B how I thought it would be really cool to find a vintage produce scale to hang up in the kitchen to hold fruit or veggies. Then I was on Sur La Table and saw a three tier basket and I realized I liked that a lot also. So while on vacation I had to get some thrifty shopping in - thank god my sisters husband's in it to win it! There was almost a fight outside of St.Francis thrift store but there were no JEMS, so nobody got hurt. The next day we hit up a Goodwill and right before we were about to call it quits Mr.B and I were perusing one area for a second time and I was like, "Hold the phone what is that?" Turns out it was this awesome three tier basket that isn't chrome,bronze or oil rubbed bronze its all of them in one.

Turns out there wasn't just one there was two. One is a lot bigger and its chrome. When we held it up it encroached on the coffee maker to much so the obvious choice was to go with Mr.Right. Groceries are slim pickins around here right now so eventually the top basket will hold lemons/limes or apples. The middle one is dedicated to onions and the bottom for potatoes. Now, before you say it I clean all the flaky onion skins off before I put them in there so there are no rogue skins falling all over. Mr.B pre drilled a hole and then added an anchor with a decorative hook. We added the anchor because there wasn't a stud where we were placing it and we knew there would be some weight in it eventually - better safe than sorry.

You probably also noticed that there was no hardware on the new cabinet. Well, what's a girl supposed to do when she realizes she won't be able to find matching hardware? Get new - that's what! Here's what we had before and it was by no means crappy. We have been wanting to update our hardware for a while now so this seemed like the right time.

Here's how it looked before - it just kind of blended. I'm really not a chrome girl either just because chrome would feel stark and modern in our kitchen.

We ended up going with an oil rubbed bronze handle. You can find it here at Lowe's. They had one that looked just like this but the end pieces were hammered - they were awesome but their $4.97 price tag wasn't. We needed 14 total which isn't a ton but still at almost $5 a pop it just wasn't worth it. 

I really like these because the middle part and edges are really bronze-y so it makes them look old even though there brand spanking new. The right cabinet in this picture needs adjusting, sorry it makes it look like the holes were screwed wrong.

We had this big fancy new drawer and we couldn't wait to use it! We picked up an expandable silver wear tray so it can fit any size drawer you might have. Now all of our cutlery that we could need to set the table is  all in one place. Its a dream come true.

Our pots and pans were living in our hutch with a variety of other things and everybody was just cramped up all over the place. We eventually want to get some nice pot and pan holders and the lid holders. We did get some but they ended up really not being that great so trial and error until we find what we like.

You wouldn't think adding on 24" cabinet would make a big difference but it's huge! We have gained so much counter space and cabinet space. I was able to re-organize all of the other cabinets and our hutch so now everything has some breathing room. 

Project Breakdown
Stain - FREE (we already had it)
Poly- FREE (we already had it)
Handles- $3.12 x 14= $43.68
Cabinet - $94
Counter top- $ 43
Side Panel - $23.45
Base Board - FREE (leftover from basement)
End Cap Kit - $11.95
3 Tier Basket - $4.95 for each
Silver ware tray - $18.48


Definitely not a drop in the bucket - but sometimes it really is the small things like adding one additional cabinet. Our kitchen feels more organized and less cramped and cluttered.
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