August 16, 2012

Hard Body.

I've kept up with my workouts and have only been taking one day off a week. Well, until this week.

I've been doing the 300 abs every day or every other day along with one other  routine You will see results with the 300 abs. I personally saw visible results after the first week.

It is such a good feeling to just push through and go hard. Here are some of the routines I've been doing along with the 300 abs to get my swell on.

I found something called the Countdown Workout on Pinterest but I changed it up to suit my needs. I couldn't find a direct link, but here it is.

10 Jumping Jacks
10 Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Crunches
10 Jump Ropes

Keep going until you get to 1

I did arm raises with 10 pound weights instead of the jump ropes. 1 arm to the side and 1 arm in front and then did opposite arms for next set. One night instead of the crunches did dumb bell side bends with 5 pounds in each hand.

I also did the at home circuit workout and instead of jump ropes did arm raises. My arms need work so I skipped some because there were too many for me, but next time I'll rotate between the arm raises and push-ups or the side bends.

If you don't have a piece of equipment or you are doing two routines at once so you don't want to be doubling up on certain things- just add in other things that you want to target. Make the workout work for you that's the only way I stick with it.

I personally feel so much better when I work out. It just helps everything to get moving I feel like I digest better, sleep better and just feel better overall. I sit all day at work so I wanted to strengthen my core to help with my posture. Nobody likes a slump.

Go hard!
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