August 2, 2012

I love jems.

I love to go to thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, garage sales and even a garbage sale. Want to know why? There are jems in there people, jems! I love the thrill of the hunt and the feeling I get when I find one.

Now for those of you not familiar with these jems I speak of - they're and I quote, the I-would've-gone-home-empty-handed-but-I-found-you-pieces. Mr.B was a jem I picked up in a bar. I kid, I kid...we didn't meet at a bar, I promise Mom.

Ya know when you go into a consignment shop and you're going through all the jeans in your size and then all of a sudden the music stops, the angels sing and there is a pair of lucky brand jeans for $14. That my friends is a jem. That may or may not have happened to me.

So without further ado here are some of my jems...

This clutch is great it has 2 separate sections that all clasp together. It's black suede and I got it for $4 at the local consignment shop in town The Key.

This hand beaded clutch is beautiful. Last year we went to the annual antique fest that happens in Bouckville, NY every year. I can't wait to go back this year.  This was marked $35 and I got it for $25.

This is the flap when you open it up.

This is what it looks like when you open the clasp. It has a little elastic pouch on the inside.

This past weekend Mr.B and I went to the local libraries book sale. There was a $1 bag sale in one section and we got all these old books. He was thrilled he thinks they might be worth money one day, and they look great in his office. Score!

My bestie and I went to the annual CAVAC Craft Sale this year and we came up to a stand and it had a shelf with pottery on it labeled 'rejects'. I got these 2 great bowls. The one I use on our island cart for onions.
The other one I use in the living room to hold odds and ends like my cellphone, jewelry I take off etc.

I love how the glaze drips look. Awesome and they were both $6.00. I'll take that ladies rejects any time!

The bowl on the left is two tone and so awesome looking. That little slice of bread cutting board is another jem - it was Mr.B's grandmas and I thought it was sooo cool. It's a great way to have a piece of grandma with us to remember her.

We have an annual apple festival that takes place every fall in Lafayette, NY and that is where this old grocery basket came from. It was $10 so I couldn't resist. It looks like the lady who was selling it put some stain on the handles to make it look more aged and I love it. We use it in our living room to display my old collection of Domino magazines. I still love that magazine r.i.p.

There is this guy who always puts out stuff at the end of his driveway for free. He has LOADS of stuff  because he's always putting stuff out. We pass it on our way to Lowe's so I always scope it out. On the way to Lowe's with Mr.B one day he had a bunch of suitcases. I told Mr.B that if they were still there when we came back we had to stop. They were and this is the one I had my eye on, its an old Samsonite. It is in MINT condition - no pun intended.  It has the key and everything and it was FREE!

These cups came from my go to store - The Key. I remember going over to my Grandma's house and she had little cups sort of like these that I used to drink sparkling water or seltzer out of like a boss. I'd have my little cup in my hand and I'd be talking away on this phone she had in her guest room that wasn't hooked up. When I saw these I had to have them they were $5 I think. It is a set of 4 but one was spoken for when I took this picture.

The antique festival is coming up in a few weeks and I'm definitely going to go scour the fields and see what I can come up with this year. I will definitely show you more jems as I get them. I can think of a few I have that I forgot already so this will be a common post.

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