August 15, 2012

I love you - I love you not.

I was the proud recipient of the August 2012 Pottery Barn catalog. I loved so many things and wish that I had an endless budget to purchase whatever I wanted. So since I don't have an endless budget and you probably won't be seeing any P.B. in my house anytime soon, unless its second hand. I thought I'd show you what I'm loving from them.

I'm on the hunt for a new living room rug but at $1,699 a pop - sadly this won't be the one I bring home.

I really like the shaped cheese slab. It would be nice as a cheese platter or a cutting board by the stove.

I like this lamp because the base is substantial but the glass/mesh combination makes it not so heavy feeling.

I absolutely love this! I've seen things like this before at craft fairs and it makes me think we need to try making one ourselves!

Poufs are in right now, but there is something about this cube I really like. It's a little rustic and free form and I think it would work well with our style.

I love this bedding and for a queen size duvet its only $89 which really is not that bad of a price. I might have to get this once we figure out what direction we're going in our bedroom.

This wall unit is fantastic. I would go cray cray if I had that much storage in my kitchen and this is the type piece I've been dreaming of.

They don't have the doxie one anymore but I had to include this because, DUH its a Dachshund pillow!

What a great statement piece. At first I thought I really liked it above the bed but the longer I look at it the more I hate it up there. Either way I love it!

When I saw this I was like, what the heck! The other day I was like I want to make a little cubby thing - basically just like this. It would be cute to hold all the cute little things you acquire on travels and throughout your life. I like it a lot.

I mean really I could go on for days - there was some great paisley bedding, so many pillows, a cute paper towel holder, hutches etc.. They definitely have some great pieces. I even saw a canning jar chandelier and it made me think of the ones I've seen on Pinterest. Maybe they're trying to capitalize on the ideas people are putting on there and market them to the people who really aren't DIY-ers. Just a thought!
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