August 9, 2012

Listy lister-son.

I'm the queen of making lists. I make to do lists for a to do list.

On Fridays I always make a list for what I want to get done that weekend. I try to put everything I can think of on the list that way I get to cross off a lot of stuff. If I do something that wasn't on the list, I write it down just so I can cross it off.

My love of lists breed my love of notebooks.

I might have a notebook hoarding problem - or just a hoarding problem in general. I'm always writing something down that I read or see online or need to remember... it goes on and on.

I've gotten a lot of them from T.J. Maxx because they always have really cute ones for like $5.99. Every time I see one I'm like well its a leather and its only $5.99 can't pass that up. 

This one is one of my favorites. Its got MY pattern on it and its leatherish and awesome. I carry this one in my purse so that at any moments time I can write something down.

Another great find for $5.99 at the T.J. This one is leather and the page edges are silver. Shut up! It has little snaps to close it because it is so regal. I haven't used this one yet because I don't know what to write in it - its so prestigious. 

This one I would call Moroccan style. It has a magnetic flip cover and its shiny gold with oranges and teals. This one has lists of things design wise that I'd like to do or create. When I'm looking through magazines or watching HGTV and see something that's cool I either take a picture or write down an idea.

The purple one you saw in the first picture has a list of books I wanted to read and checked off as I went. I really wish that from the beginning of time I kept a running list of all the books I've ever read ever. I get anxiety thinking that I forgot to do this.

The top one with the black and white pattern I used to write all my bills in and it has other stuff like user names and so on.

I also have a black  mini 5 star that holds a lot of lists and things for me to remember. I forgot all about that little guy. I remember when I was in college my friend Mike had one and we used to talk about it for hours. How it was the perfect size and shape and how you've really made it if you have a mini 5 star notebook. I guess I've made it!

I love to look back in all these notebooks and see what I've written down. I always make lists of things I want to get. So its fun to go back and cross stuff off and add stuff. The green spiral notebook has lists of stuff I wanted to do to the house that I made when we moved in.

I also utilize the notebook on my blackberry to write things down I want to remember when I'm out at a store or something. I use the notebook app on my iPad and also downloaded the Evernote app to make lists that I can make check boxes with so I can just check as I go. Love it!

I love to write things down and take a lot of pictures so I can remember how things used to be. Its a great way to measure my growth when I look at my goals and wants from 6 months to a year ago.

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