August 8, 2012

Love it.

I easily become obsessed with things. Like I stalk them online so that I can get a lower price or the best price. I love me some coupons - I don't care if I have to print them or type a code in I'm all over it.

I just figured I'd show you fashion, home name it - the things I'm loving right now.

Maybe I'll send the link to this on over to Mr.B, ya know, with my birthday looming it might spark some inspiration.

I love this sideways cross necklace I know there in right now, and that's not the reason I want it - I just like it  and its rose gold. I die!

I'm lusting after this Cucina soap holder. I love something that is not only functional but nice looking. I personally hate the soap just hanging out on the edge of the sink it just bugs me. I think this would take care of some of the hate in my world.

I'm starting to notice of pattern of cute things that are functional. I love this ceramic farmers market basket from Anthro. The paper ones from the grocery store get soggy and mildew/moldy this is so green and resourceful.

I love me some jewels and this monogrammed bracelet is so fresh. My Mom's and my initials are ALT - we're fresh.

I definitely want a personalized stamp. I want like 5. I will most certainly need one of these when I get married because it will look so cute on the envelopes! Not necessarily this design, but there are so many options I could go cray cray.


If you don't know someone who has a doxie - let me just warn you were those people. We would buy a turd if it was shaped like a wiener dog because we think its just sooo cute. West Elm got serious brownie points from me when I saw these plates. I mean a doxie in a fedora carrying a soda like a boss - hook me up to oxygen!

Lotions, soap, body wash oh my! I have red hair which means I get the hives just thinking about the hives. Being my skin is so sensitive I have to be careful of the soaps and lotions I use. I absolutely love the smell of this and wish I could buy everything from laundry detergent to deodorant in this.

Chico bag reusable bags. I have to bring my lunch to work everyday because I can't leave for lunch because I technically don't really get a lunch. I always bring snacks like pretzels, oreos, trail mix etc. I get anxiety every time I pack my lunch because I'm like, "OMG - another bag!' It's really not the cost it's just the wastefulness. I can't deal - I need these.

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