August 22, 2012

Picture picture on the wall.

I love a gallery wall. I did one in our living room and after I got my new desk I knew I wanted to do one in my office.

They're so simple and inexpensive to do but they are a great way to add personal touches to any room.

I get my frames at the dollar store. I don't expect them to last forever but they get the job done, and I found some pretty decent ones that I liked. I got a mixture of sizes 4 x 6, 8 x 10, and 5 x7.

I picked out everything I wanted to display and then I put them in the frames. I like to lay out a pattern on the floor so I know how it is going to look on the wall. After that I trace all of the frames onto big sheets of newsprint and cut them out. I take a picture of my pattern on the floor so that I can tape my cutouts on the wall in the same pattern and use my picture as a reference for where things need to go.

I like to use the command picture hanging strips. I've had mixed results with them. I cut them up and used small pieces in my office and they've been great. In my living room they all of a sudden started falling down. Mr.B had to cut a hole in the floor and saw dust got up on the wall and behind them so I think it made them less sticky. Now. pictures have been falling left and right in the living room so I've had to tack them up. Makes me glad I only spent a dollar on the frames.

Here it is up on the wall. The black damask prints are 2 canvases that I painted a long time ago with stencils I made. 

The top middle picture is a card I got from my high-school graduation. I have saved pretty much all the cards I've ever gotten. I watched Hoarders the other day, and yes, I'm slightly concerned.

The picture below that is a picture of Mr.B and I from my sisters wedding. I used a wood wallpaper sample that I had from when I was in college as the backing. I love wallpaper and fabric samples I have a whole box of them they are great for some many things!

The picture on the far left is a mandala print-out I found online and colored in and the backing is bamboo wallpaper. I got tons of discontinued wallpaper books when I worked at Lowe's and they also come in handy. I can pretty much find a use for anything and you probably will see me on an episode of Hoarders someday.

The picture to the right of the mandala is a card of two girls walking away that my sister mailed me when I was in college and the quote on it says "With a sister like you I know I'll always have a friend." 

The picture below that is an Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe that I cut out of a magazine and the backing is just a piece of scrapbook paper.

The top right picture is a cut out from a magazine. Big shock I have loads of magazines and can't throw them out unless I've gone through and cut things out or taken out the pages I want to keep. When I was younger I made collages a lot and so I have lots of cut outs from magazines.

The third picture down in the middle is a Love is... comic that I cut out from the paper. I used to cut them out of the paper everyday when I was in high-school and I have so many! I'm sensing a pattern of "collecting" lots of things. Anyways, it says "Love is...the small gestures that keep a relationship vibrant."

The one below that is a frame that my sister gave me and it has a picture of us together from on her wedding day. I absolutely love that picture of us - she looks stunning and I don't look to bad myself. It has a quote on the side that says "Sisters are tied together with heartstrings"

The one to the right of that is a Christmas card that looks like wood and had an awesome pattern on it. I covered up the part where it said Happy Holidays and put a magazine cutout says "Good things come in small packages"

The picture on the far right is another card I got from my sister when I was in college and it has 2 girls on the front holding a squirting hose.

I love this picture wall because so many of the things have sentimental value to me. I save a lot of things because they mean something to me. (Speaking like a true hoarder) I'm glad I saved all those cards because I can now put them to use and see them on display everyday.

I love that picture of my sister and I so much because her wedding day was awesome and it is such a good picture of us both and she is my best friend. Whenever I look at that picture I have so many emotions. The picture of Mr.B and I is also a great picture from her wedding and I'm glad that I can have my two best friends with me in my office all the time.
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