August 28, 2012

Quarter Pounder!

I have lived a quarter of a century! The big 2-5 was on Sunday - HootieHoo!!

Mr.B knows me so well so he gave me the sweetest, cutest birthday card with 2 dachshunds kissing and then he handed me a little box. No, no diamond ring, however, there was a diamond dachshund pendant! He knows how obsessed I am with the lil roo baby and he knew just what to get me.

When we were on vacation my sister and her husband gifted me with awesomeness as well. Her husband is known for giving the most awesome gifts -ever. So this birthday I found myself the proud new owner of a set of leopard print knives! I know your jelly and I don't know where he got them and I wouldn't tell you if I did. HA! My sister gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby which made my heart pitter patter and a sweet notebook which is made by the same company as my favorite orange one! She also gave me a sweet ipad cover and some A stationary. The best gift of all was being with 3 of my favorite people for a week!

Soo what have I learned in a quarter of a century? Oh ya know, the reg.

- No matter what age I am I'll still forget to put on deodorant at least once a month
- The older I get the more and more I become my mother and I'm totally okay with that
- I love my dog, like a lot
- I should have gotten my license way before I was 21 because I'm a boss when I drive
- The first thing I'll get when I make it big is a still going to be a driver
- I love some thrifty shopping!
- I'm not like the rest of them
- I love to cook but not bake
- I'm a magazine "collector"
- I save random things for 'projects': jars, cans, paper scraps etc. (cough hoarder cough)
- I love damask and ikat and when there together I LOVE them.
- I'm a clean freak
- I have to make sure all the light switches are facing the right direction before I can leave the kitchen ( Mr.B even does it now - ut oh my poor kids)
- I love to feel loved
- The best is yet to come
- No matter where I am if I smell Philosophy perfume makes me want to cry because it smells like my mama
- I love free samples
- I love a good coupon - things are just better when you don't pay full price
- If nobody else has it I want it
- I love some good tunes
- I found a love for graphic design and designing my sister and besties wedding invites was awesome
- I want to have a travelling store to start out
- I'm going to make it - it's just not meant to be right now
- I found my true love
- My mom was right my sister will always be my best friend
- Spiders put me into cardiac arrest - daddy long leg or tarantula same difference
- I like the colors purple and lime
- I love my red hair and pray I have a little girl with red hair so she can grow up just like me
- I'm dating a guy just like my father and I'm okay with it
- Whenever I see sunflowers I think of my mama
- I prefer a wristlet to a wallet and purse
- I love vintage style t's and would wear one everyday if I could
- I've only ever mowed a lawn once in my life
- I would never drive a go-cart by myself when I was little and probably still wouldn't
- I've talked to myself since I could talk - I give the best answers
- I love showers and reading and have been known to do both at the same time

So there is just a touch of who I have become and what I've learned in Twenty-Five whole years. I'm just me. Cheers to another year!
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