August 23, 2012

Repeat after me.

As you might have figured out yesterday I love a good quote. I have notebooks and word documents with pages and pages worth of quotes. I even have books of quotes - there is just nothing like a quote to uplift you. I wanted to share with you some favorites I've seen floating around lately.

I recently called my sister upset that I wasn't living the life I thought I was going to live. Ya know- poor me 24 with a house, a job, a new to me car, an awesome dog and a loving boyfriend. #whineytittybaby All the planets aligned and we were exactly where we needed to be in the universe and she said things that HIT me. The next day I got right to work and started this blog and just did work. Long story, long - she emailed me this quote the next day and I just nodded my head - yup! Sisters know.

I mean - come on! Was this written for me or what - I'm a boss! 

I believe I was blessed to grow up in a house that had 2 - 3 dogs at any given time. There is nothing like the love you get from a dog, and there is also nothing like the pain of losing a dog. I would never let the fear of losing a dog stop me from having another though. 


Holl-er. Don't be one of the small people. Everyone has greatness in them you just need to let it out, and the smalls aren't going to help you do that!
I think I need to print this and hang this in my office or somewhere in my house. This needs to be my mantra - I need to meditate on this. I get bout's of first world problems the way people get bout's of gout. They just come and go whenever they please. Honestly, I get cray cray and I need to remember I'M ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES!


I know this is true because I've got a lot of good people around and me, and above me. I truly believe this. I know this is only the beginning for me and I'll be exactly where I want to be. 

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