August 13, 2012

Reverse it - let me work it.

When we first moved in our basement was partially finished. The previous owners had sheet rocked two walls and put in tongue and groove panel vertically about 4' up. They also added a built up plywood floor. It wasn't the worst thing that ever happened and we lived with it that way until this past spring.

Mr. B and I have had many discussions over it and eventually decided we could make it into a work out room. We also thought about making it a nice den area because in the colder months it's nice to go down there when the wood stoves going.

One day I came home and Mr.B had laid the smack down on that room and it became our next project.

So this is what we originally started with - simple ceramic light boxes, exposed block wall, painted plywood floor and a lot of dust.

This is one of the walls they sheet rocked and added the wood paneling to. The wood wasn't terrible but it was unfinished and Mr.B had it in his head he wanted to take it down and put it floor to ceiling on one of the walls. It was also all along the wall as you came down the stairs.

I came home one day and he framed in this wall. It separates the big room from our furnace area. We used a pre-hung door from Lowes. He put sheets of foam between the block walls and the framing to help with insulation and moisture.

This area was open but he closed it in because he was going to add in a door down this wall on the right. That opening leads to the other side of our basement where our washer and dryer are and Mr.B's workshop area.

You can see we took all the sheet rock and paneling down and Mr.B added in another pre-hung door to get to the other side of the basement.

That window is actually pretty big for a basement window. They built our house up higher for a couple of reasons so we are lucky to have windows that big down here. It allows a lot of natural light and you can see the nice view.

Mr.B pulled the wood stove out and laid down some Durock because we were going to put tile down under the wood stove.

He had to put up more insulation board and frame in another wall to the right of the wood stove. The adjoining wall originally had the same paneling and sheet rock but we removed all of that.

This is another look at the new framed in walls in the corner - we used to be able to walk down the stairs and walk to the right and get to the other side of the basement.

Most of the insulation that was there was fine. We did buy some more to add to the new framed in areas. Mr.B got a great deal on special order basement insulation that somebody returned so we got lucky!

We did take a few sections of the old insulation out and replaced it with some of the new stuff we had leftover.

The previous owners didn't put insulation board between the walls and framing and we hadn't had an issue so we kept it that way. We specifically did it that way on the opposite walls because our deck is there and our sliding glass door. At one time we had a moisture problem due to faulty doors so we're a little sensitive on that side and wanted to be more safe than sorry.

We also installed recess lighting so that we would have a smooth surface after we sheet rocked the ceiling. The ceilings aren't really low but those bulbs just hung down and were really an eye sore. The recess lights really brightened it up - we added 2 more than we started with and could see the difference right away.

Thankfully Mr.B is very handy because having to hire someone out for this entire renovation would've been costly.

This post would be extremely long if I didn't break it into 2 parts. So stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.
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