August 27, 2012

Sweet Carolina!

So last week we were on vacation! Woohoo!

My sister and her husband invited us to attend their vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC. They were there last July for their honeymoon so they already knew of some hot spots. I don't get to see them that much because of how far we live from each other so it was so nice to spend a whole week with them! I also don't get much time with Mr.B so it was a great way to spend the week before my birthday!!

My sister had told me all about how great the sweet tea was and how whenever you go to a restaurant they offer you a to-go cup to leave with. Yeah, the whole time we were there that never happened. Girl knows how to suck down some sweet tea though - she'd be four glasses deep by time the food came. She also raved about this donut shop that made homemade donuts. So first thing Sunday morning we were all geared up and ready to get some donuts. Fail, they were shut down - in April! We were bummed.

However, we did get lots and lots of good food and enjoyed our week there. We stayed in a private community called Shipyard. We had our own pool area and access to the beach so that was awesome. I was able to cross some things off my to do list. Swimming in the ocean being one of them!

We started our food-a-palooza on Saturday night with The Frosty Frog. I had the Steve's Italian Prime Rib and it was delicious and my sister and Mr.B had Capt. Ed's Prime Rib. I don't remember what the other Mr.B had.  The big winner there is their frozen drinks - they pack a huge punch. Mr.B and I shared a Southern Lemonade and my Sis and her husband shared a wicked apple. The drinks are basically slushies but then they have 151 or 190 proof alcohol added to them.

The next day we were disappointed by the lack of a donut shop so we decided to head to the grocery store to pick up stuff to make breakfast and also picked up stuff to make sandwiches. That day we beached it and had sandwiches by the pool.

That night we went to One Hot Mama's which was awesome. They loved it when they came the first time so we knew we had to hit it up again. It is the restaurant of the Food Network Star Finalist Mama Orchid. They have slamming BBQ. There men's room has a two way mirror that we sat near so that kept things interesting.
I ordered the baby back ribs and one and I choose the pulled pork as my '1'. It came with some honey jalapeno cornbread that was delicious. You also got to pick 2 sides - I picked a garden salad and the mac & cheese. The rest of the group got the BBQ Chicken - it was smoked and then fried, they loved it!

While we were waiting for our seat we saw a sign on the restaurant next door for their Monday night special 1 1/4 pound lobster for $12.95. We ran over and made reservations for the next night. Winning! For lunch the next day we went to New York City Pizzeria. We ordered the NYCP Special which was onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sausage. We also ordered a Classic Antipasto which was really good!

That night we went to Reilly's Grill and Bar for our Lobsta! Mr.B and I ordered a quesadilla as an appetizer and my Sis and her husband ordered Nacho's with BBQ Chicken. The lobster dinners came with 2 salt potatoes and a half a piece of corn. They give you the bibs and the crackers and you get to work! For $12.95 you really can't go wrong - its Lobsta people!

Tuesday the weather was supposed to be crappy so we hit up the outlets and did some thrifty shopping. We had to hit up Street Meat because my Sis and husband loved it last time they ate there. It was fantastic! My Sis and I got the Turkey Jones which was a crusty role with gravy, cheese, fresh thick slices of turkey topped with french fries. Mr.B got a burger with blue cheese and their onion rings which were amazing. They were thing sliced dipped in batter and so tasty. Mr.B part deux got wings and fries which were tossed in a chipotle ranch sauce. Everyone was very happy!

That night we wanted to switch it up and so we did Mexican at Los Jalapenos. It was good - the guys got the Fajitas. I branched out and tried a shrimp chimichanga and my Sis had a beef chimichanga.

Wednesday we didn't end up not having lunch because we did stand up paddle boarding with Outside Hilton Head. My Sis and her husband had already done it but we did the intro and got to see dolphins it was a lot of fun. Our Instructor was Andy and he showed us some yoga moves and some other fun stuff on the boards. Stand up paddle boarding could also be crossed off my list.

That night we decided we wanted to have some more BBQ so we went to Smokehouse. The guys and I got the Smokehouse plate which came with brisket, ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. You got to pick 2 sides and it came with cornbread. They had 3 different in house sauces to use which we were very good. My Sister got the brisket and loved it. The platter was a great combo of different flavors -  I got mac & cheese and the grilled veggies. A+

Thursday was our last day so we wanted to beach it and pool it as much as we could. The skies opened up and we headed back from the beach and decided to do lunch. We went to It's Greek To Me. It was very good. Their greek salad was really good it had a lot of feta, huge ripe tomatoes and tasty olives. My Sister got the Gyro pita pizza and said it was really good. It was toasted pita with feta, gyro meat, and tomatoes. The guys and I all got gyros. I typically get a chicken gyro but went with the classic and was happily surprised.

Our dessert menu consisted of the local home made ice cream shops and Sweet Carolina Cupcakes. They only offer certain flavors on certain days so you definitely want to check their menu. Monday I got the peanut butter cup and it was sooo good. Chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter and chocolate frosting. There was definitely a lot of frosting and they are very filling so don't be fooled into getting more than one. Some of the other flavors we sampled over the week were a chocolate chip cookie and icing cookie/cupcake, classic vanilla, coffee cake, sweet carolina, and coconut snowball.

It was so much fun and I was so sad to leave. The leaving part is always sad and the transition when you get home is always awkward. We picked up the boys the next morning after we got home so we were happy to be reunited with our boys.
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