August 7, 2012

Sweet Dreams.

We have lived in our house for 2 years next spring will be 3 and we've slowly made changes. I hate to buy things to then get rid of them in a few months so I like to think long and hard about what I want and what I like. Everything we take out I either re-purpose it because my favorite thing to do is paint things or I sell it on craigslist.

For instance, when we lived in our town house our neighbors were being really loud and obnoxious one night and we looked at each other and were like, " Wanna go look at furniture?" This turned into having a sectional and large ottoman being delivered a few days later. Not a good idea.

We hadn't sold our other couch yet so Mr.B had the delivery guys put the new couch in our garage. Well, my Mom came to town and we decided it was time to move it upstairs and it was a nightmare! It was 2 pieces but they were both large and trying to maneuver them a porch literally the size of my pinky finger was not fun. My Mom would disagree she was standing back laughing.

Needless to say we got them inside and they were huge The front of the townhouse was the kitchen and then that opened up into a open floor plan living room/dining room. Once we got it inside I thought to myself, "Why did we buy a couch and not measure anything?"

I'd like to say I learned my living room furniture buying lesson but the next time we went to 'just look' at furniture I came home with a new more moderately sized sofa that I love, and a coffee table I've had a love hate relationship with ever since.

So since re-doing our kitchen and our bedroom are both topics we discuss often I want to think long and hard about what we really want. We recently went to Raymour and Flannigan and almost pulled the plug on a set for over $5,000. It was like deja vu but we snapped out of it and went home empty handed. I get the hives just thinking about it now because it would've been and all wood matching set.

To me there is nothing worse then walking into a bedroom and it looking like a forest threw up. Now don't get me wrong there is a time and place to buy a whole matching set. Our house isn't the time or the place. Mr. B does a happy dance thinking about going into a furniture store and buying one of their matching vignettes. I get the shakes and cold sweats.

For some people that works great and it looks great. For someone like me who likes to dwell on every single detail it just wouldn't work for me. I've slowly but surely brought Mr.B over to my side. So recently we've decided that maybe we want an upholstered headboard. I love the idea - it was my idea. If the headboard is upholstered that means one less tree will have to throw up in the room. I'd like the side tables to match and the dressers to match, but not the side tables and dressers to all match. You follow me?

I think this will still end up looking great and we'll both get our way. He likes things to match so at least there would be matching sets that he could wrap his OCD around.

I made this inspiration board on Olioboard to get an idea of what it would look like.

Then as I looked at this I was like, hmm, I don't think I want the dressers painted. I think I want the night stands painted, and in a bright color to give the room the Ashley flair it needs. We've discussed paint color and while we haven't decided on a specific color we know it is going to be gray of some shade.

So after I realized I hated this inspiration board - I went back to the olioboard (hardy-har) and came up with this.

Much better. I've already brought Mr.B onto the lime green train so this is definitely a contender. I saw some inspiration pictures on Pinterest with mirrors on each side behind the night stands and I love the look. I like the bedding we have now it's not to bright and crazy and its not flat white either. The green would tie in nice with it too. I don't love the dresser, but something along the lines of it being stained wood. We could find some nice lamps with glass bases that wouldn't be too heavy. Pillows in fun patterns that wouldn't clash with the bedding or even just get a white duvet. I've done crazier things.

I'd love to find some old wooden side tables or night stands that I could refinish - that would make my day! I'll be on the hunt for those jems, don't worry.

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