August 14, 2012

The beat goes on.

So to pick up where we left off yesterday - we had framed in walls with insulation and recessed lights all waiting for sheet rock.

On the exterior walls we used the purple board because it helps with any moisture problems you might run into.

We knew that whether it stayed a workout room or became a family room that we wanted a television down here. We thought a few steps ahead and wired in a flush mount power outlet with the cable hooked into it. You can find them here at Lowes. We knew we wanted to wall mount a flat screen so it was nice that we could pre-plan this.

We had to re-sheet rock the lower part of the stairs because that had wood paneling. Later we would also need to add in a new board to match the left side.

The one step Mr.B didn't feel really confident doing was the mud and taping. We hired a guy who mud and taped everything and also added what he called crows feet texture to the ceiling.

At first I was like texture on the ceiling? Excuse me, the 80's just called and they want their textured ceiling back. Then after it was done I was like never mind the 80's didn't really call me. ( They left a message - ha)

These pictures are after 3 coats of primer. We used Valspar's drywall primer. You're probably wondering why I did 3 coats. The easiest most honest answer is primer is cheaper than paint my friends. 

I really wanted a good thick even coat. I didn't want to not put enough and have to back track. This primer is super thick so I probably would've been good with 2 coats, but the last coat just sealed the deal.

I also was a little worried that the purple would show through at first but you definitely couldn't tell. At this point we still had to paint, add in the faux beam running through the middle, add the base molding, add all the trim around the doors and windows, and figure out what we were going to do for the floor.

The 'beam' running through the middle is actually where our house was joined together because it's a modular. So its two wall thicknesses together and you can see some plumbing runs along that and we also utilized that space to run the cable wire through there.

I even did a few coats of the primer on the 2 new doors so that they'd be ready for paint.

The area behind the wood stove we were going to use these stone veneers. Just so were clear - Lowe's does not pay me to talk about any of their products. They're the store closest to us and I used to work there so I can get deals on stuff which is plus.

The trim in our whole house is stained Minwax golden oak so we wanted to keep the same thing downstairs. Mr. B calculated how much trim we need and it was my job was to stain and poly all of it.

Here is the stone veneer finished. It wasn't to hard to do but it was definitely time consuming. We thought we would be smart and tape out an area the same size and layout the pattern we wanted. As we started going through we realized that things weren't matching up exactly as we laid them out so we ended up having to pick and chose as we went along. Basically you put a layer of cement on the wall with a trowel and then you load up the back of the stone and you smash it onto the wall. You can see there are some pretty big ones in there and those we had to finesse and work a little bit more because they wanted to slide. In the middle of this project which I conveniently forgot to take pictures of - I started to get worried the 80's was calling again, but it was just my Mom. No but really - I made a few Brady Bunch jokes and asked if while were were putting a stone wall up people were at home taking theirs down. I like it now though.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name and color of the floor tile. I looked on the Lowe's website and did not find it either so the next time we're at Lowe's I'll take a look. The grout however is hemp. The tiles are 12 x 12 and the trowel we used was 1/4" with 1/4" grout lines.

The paint color is Valspar's Dreamy Caramel in Satin finish. We didn't use the primer and paint all in one for obvious reasons - like we did 3 coats of primer before we painted. I still did 2 coats of paint and it only took a gallon and a half of paint. Which is exactly what the paint calculator at Lowe's told us. I can't even tell you how much of a dream it was to paint. The primer really made a difference and I almost want to prime every wall before I paint it. 

We really wanted to get a stain master low pile carpet for down here. This area is pretty big it is something like 16' x 24'. It was going to cost about $2,000 to carpet the floor and the stairs. That to me just seemed like way to much since right now we're just going to use it as a workout room. 

Since we decided to not get the carpet done we wanted to do something with the floors so that we could at least live with them for now. My go to on anything is - paint it! Mr.B always rolls his eyes or laughs because he thinks that's my answer for everything. He totally went for it though - and we used Valspar's gloss porch and floor paint in safari brown. We went back and forth on the finish and changed our mind a few times and I might have reconsidered the gloss now that its down. It shows a lot of dust, shoes prints, and paw prints. Oh well!

We laid down a big rug we already had that we got at - you guessed it Lowe's. We also laid down the workout type cushion-y mats you can get at places like Dick's and other sporting goods stores. The 2 tables that you see we picked up on the side of the road for $30. The brown one was $10 and the green/blue/grey one was $20 and that thing is a beast. I can't wait to re-finish them.

So for now this is where were at. We do need to add trim around the tiles so that we don't get any chipping or breakage. The baseboard might seem a little high but that's because Mr.B installed it when we thought we were getting the carpet and they told us to install it a little higher to account for the carpet and pad. 

Eventually we would like to get a couch and a table and make this like a nice room to hang out in. I never thought I'd be the type of person to have a sitting room and then a den. I just always wonder what we'll do with the living room after we add a couch down here?  I don't want it to look like some weird plastic covered furniture room.

I guess once I can accept that I'm such a boss that I can have two living rooms I'll be ready to furniture shop and make this room my biotch. 
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