September 24, 2012

1 dolla holla!

Who doesn't love the Dollar Store? I mean come on - you can find everything from seasonal decorations to pregnancy tests there - I can't vouch for accuracy but I can say the decor is cute!

I stopped at the Dollar Store on Saturday and it was mobbed, which was kind of weird there were lines at the dollar store. So I wasn't interested in taking a lot of pictures but I'll show ya what I came home with and what I look for when I go.

I've had my eye on some fake pumpkins, and so when I walked in and saw these gourds and mini pumpkins I was sold. I love the idea of having things you can reuse each year. For right now I'm going to keep them as is and maybe next year I'll paint the pumpkin ones.

Fake gourds and pumpkins from Dollar Store

 For these I took an empty basket I had and put a plastic bag in the bottom of it because it was a little too deep and I wanted my basket to look full. This is a cheap easy trick for when your filling a basket or vase that isn't see through.

Now I have some simple easy fall decor. A cornucopia of sorts - with my gourds and pumpkins. I could even add a matching ribbon.

Seasonal decorated basket

Frames were my next spot where I looked and they had some cool ones. I buy a lot of frames because for one there only a $1 and they have a lot of different ones. These I'm going to use for some future projects when I make some prints. I like to do graphic design stuff so these will come in handy.

Dollar Store picture frames

These simple white mugs are great for so many different projects. You can use paint pens and draw Monograms on them or stencil them. I'm going to do a project with them, but don't worry I'll keep you updated!

White mugs from Dollar Store

Yardley soap at the grocery store or drug store is usually $3.99. I love this stuff because its natural and I have sensitive skin. I know my sister is dying right now because she hates soaps like this! Let me just tell you when I use Yardley in the shower I have my pinkie up, honey!

Yardley oatmeal and almond soap from Dollar Store

I also got some alcohol and a nice small angled paint brush. We recently were looking at Lowe's for a brush just like that but they were all $7.99 or more. For a paint brush, yes. Alcohol comes in handy for so many things, and no not when I go on a binge and this is my last resort. 

I recently saw on Pinterest that you can use it to clean stains off your carpet. As you know I have a Dachshund and anyone with a doxie knows that they have a tendency to do whatever they want and sometimes that includes going on your floor. I just poured the alcohol on a couple stains we have on our white carpet upstairs and rubbed it - and wahlah! So fresh and so clean.

Alcohol and angled paint brush from Dollar Store

So some other things that I've gotten or like to look at when I go to the Dollar Store are:

  • Silver trays - I have one on my dresser and I put all my perfume on it. They're also great for putting out crackers and cheese, cookies and so on.
  • Peroxide and Alcohol are great staples to have on hand and why not pick them up at the dollar store. They are great alternatives to cleaners with lots of chemicals.
  • Books - when I was there yesterday they had tons of books! They still have the Target stickers on them, they aren't just weird cast off books they are Oprah's book club list books.
  • Wax cubes - if anyone uses the wax melter's from Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Scentsy they sell the wax there. 
  • Fake flowers - you kind of have to want to dig, when I was there yesterday they had some seasonal flowers out like sunflowers, but for the most part there kind of all jumbled together.
  • Glassware- cups,plates, bowls they are pretty standard but if you break a lot of plates or need them for a party or something why not there a $1.
  • Plastic containers - they have a pretty big selection of plastic storage containers which are great for leftovers.
  • Cards - the particular store I was at yesterday had 4 aisles worth of cards-  stock up on thank yous, birthday, anniversary, get well you name it.
  • Gift bags and tissue paper - these are good for obvious reasons another great item to stock up on.
  • Storage bins - they had some really cute storage bins yesterday that I'm sort of regretting not getting. Under cabinet storage or storage on wire shelving you name it they have great storage bins.
  • Office supplies - notebooks, legal pads, notepads, pens, pencils, highlighters - the basic stuff you can definitely pick up while your there. They often times have cute little notepads.
I typically stay away from the makeup, bras and underwear and the food when I go there. I know that for some people that is where they buy their necessities but it's just not for me. The food kind of creeps me out because I don't think it moves fast enough and I don't want to buy something that's been sitting. 
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