September 13, 2012

Door number one.

Okay, so you haven't seen to much of my office, yet. I'm having growing pains when it comes to the color of my desk and I'm debating re-painting it. However, I have more than one desk so I wanted to share the other one with you.

Before I got my big new desk - I had just a plain ol' desk you can pick up at Office Max. I love to re-arrange rooms and my office was the perfect spot to do that because it was all mine. So one day I said to myself why don't I try to utilize the closet more?

Here is the unsuspecting closet.

Open the doors and BAM! I used this desk in the closet for awhile and I just kept the doors open all the time. Now that I have my big desk I don't keep the doors open much but it is a great work area. It is a little messy now because like I said the doors aren't open and I have some hoarding - tendencies.

I hung up a sweater/shoe organizer and used it as extra storage for paper and odds and ends. Underneath you can kind of see all the wallpapers books I hoarded from when I worked at Lowe's and they got rid of discontinued wallpaper books. Obviously, you can't watch something that like just get thrown away you have to take it - or 10.

I also setup my sewing machine because I didn't have an area dedicated to just that. Anyone knows you won't want to do a project if you have to setup and put away a bunch of stuff. This allows me to have a whole work area just for sewing and then if I don't finish I can shut the door and know one will know there's a mess.

The desk is a dark color and when I first got it, it annoyed me that finger prints and dust were so visible. I got a piece of plexi-glass at Lowe's and put it on top. Right now there are sheets of wallpaper underneath. I've also placed pictures, quotes from calendar, ticket on underneath. Definitely makes it more fun.

The top shelf was already there when we moved in - it was what I hung my clothes on when we re-arranged the whole house and used this room as our master. I had Mr.B install the lower shelf so that I could have more storage. I bought the green and blue bins at Lowe's and organized all my stuff into categories. The categories include: jewelry making, paint, paper, glue, markers/colored pencils, pictures, odds and ends, etc. One of the larger ones has all the fliers, papers, ticket stubs...from the last 6 years - all the stuff I gathered in college from signs and posters to cards and other random bits and pieces.

The light I made using a light bulb kit and I bought a small lamp shade that would be used on a candelabra chandelier and put it over the light base. I strung it through the wire so it would hang and it plugs in just outside the closet to the right. 

So that is what's behind door #1. It is a little messy but the nice part about that is, its a closet so I can just shut the doors. When the chair is pushed in I can close both doors no problem. It is a great way to utilize space that you might not necessarily be taking advantage of.

Now I just need to learn how to sew like a boss.

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