September 6, 2012


I haven't wanted to put this out in the universe but, I figured what the heck! I'm excited for fall! As much as I don't really like the snow and cold - I do appreciate living in a state that has 4 seasons. That means 4 wardrobes, 4 beautiful seasons to enjoy, and all the activities that each season brings.

I can't wait for apple fest in October and seeing the leaves change color! However, they're saying this year that the leaves are probably going to fall off before they even change color. Apple season is also a month early so I guess I should get some now because by time the apple fest rolls around what will even be left!

I can't wait to put away everything I've been wearing the last few months and bust out the sweaters and leggins' and everything else I haven't seen in awhile. I'm sure this love affair will end as soon as I put on a pair of jeans and they fit snugger than I remember but until then...

Here are a few things I'm falling for this fall - aside from all the pumpkins recipes I've been seeing on Pinterest!

Mint Colored Jeans
I really want some colored denim and I think the mint is a nice color for any season.

I love hoodies that you can get away with wearing to work and this one I could definitely wear to work.

Love these! I definitely want a pair of fringe boots!

Classic chambray shirt with a little polka dot - need this!

Striped Color Block Jersey Dress
I love the coral and grey stripes and long sleeves to this can be worn all through fall.

Light sweaters are great for fall because you don't need a big bulky sweater yet but you need something. I love the ombre look of this sweater.

I love this bracelet and dream catchers just seem fall-ish to me I don't know why.

There's always so many great things to buy each season. I wish I could just go and get one of each of everything!
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