September 26, 2012

Resolutions and reflections.

My name is Ashley and I'm a magazine hoarder. The first step is admitting it but the addict has to want to change, and I'm not ready for all that yet.

I have a lot of magazines squirreled away in dresser drawers, ottomans, boxes, name it. I've been trying to commit to them as soon as they come in the door - look through them, tear out the pages that I feel I need to keep and then throw the magazine away. That worked for awhile and then I got a Recycle bank account and was collecting all these points and using them on free magazine subscriptions like a true addict would.

Now, the first and last week of the month magazines are rolling in like storms. 3 to 5 a day and then I become completely overwhelmed. There is currently a stack of 8 on my side table that I just can't commit to. There is a basket in my office filled to the brim that I said I would go through any time it was half full.

I will commit to going through these magazines - soon. I however will not just blindly throw them away what if there is an awesome article on how to look like a hipster or a great recipe that will inspire. I can't risk the loss!

A while ago I finally took the huge folder I had of magazine clippings and scanned them so I could actually appreciate them. Well, I was looking through them and found a jem!

Why wait for the a new year to make resolutions. A random Wednesday is just as good a day to make a resolution. I never understood the idea behind waiting for one day to come to make a 'resolution' if you have something you want to fix now, why wait til January?

Magazine clipping from 2010 with resolutions

I loved coming across this article because they are nothing big - but a lot of times its the little things. Even though it's from 2010 they still are great love and life resolutions we could all use today.

1. I never let a week go by or even a day without telling someone I love them. I have a big heart and I have enough emotions for 30 people so I definitely share. I think that one is important - and it goes along with my belief that you should never go to bed mad or leave your house or let your significant other leave the house mad or without kissing goodbye and telling each other you love each other. Life has way to many unknowns and you never know what could happen when you leave.

2. I wave my freak flag, but I don't think I do it enough. I think I generally hide it in my back pocket and take it out when people I know are around. I need to let it out!

3. The T.V one is mostly true, but usually my DVR is full of stuff waiting for me to watch. However, when I don't have anything on the DVR I usually don't watch t.v. because I really like what I like and I hate commercials plus, I'd rather read a book.

4. I love music. I used to obsess over my itunes, whenever something happened to my computer. I just don't really make time for it the way I used to - makes me realize I need to start doing that again. There is nothing like listening to songs and just dancing when no one's watching. Or when your dog is watching you thinking your a freak!

5. I love the idea of a "good decision" piggy bank - I think I should enact one of these for myself. It would help me to get over anxieties and worries that I have and reward myself.

6. I think I should try this- that would be fun and an ego boost and who doesn't need one of those every once in awhile. It's a good way to reflect on yourself.

I don't know sometimes its just nice to reflect on what you want out of life and out of yourself. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I've realized that this whole time that I didn't think I 'knew who I was' I really did. Now, I just need to let myself be myself. Sometimes that is hard - especially when you put too much stock in what other people think. 

Here's to growing and changing and not waiting for that one day a year to make resolutions!

What is your Wednesday resolution?
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