September 5, 2012


Slowly, but surely I've been working on getting my office how I want it. Not that long ago I added a large desk and in doing so got rid of some unnecessary furniture. One piece being a book shelf that I got at target that I moved one to many times that broke and then was half a book shelf. I got rid of it after I added my desk because it just didn't have a place in my office anymore.

I knew I still wanted shelves and not really a book shelf. I had been telling Mr.B I wanted to wall mount shelves with some decorative brackets and I finally got around to it this weekend.

This board started out 10 1/4' long so I cut it down so that I had 2 - 5' long boards. It wasn't square so I had to trim up the ends and so 5' was a good solid number.

In order to take a boring plain board and make it a little edgier (pun intended) Mr.B ran the board through his edger so that it wasn't just a flat edge and had a graduated style.

Here is a profile so you can get a better look. Upgraded from flat to fancy in no time.

I had some rough edges - but nothing that a little sand paper couldn't take care of. So I had sanded all my edges so that I could get rid of the flaky pieces as well as soften up the edges.

Okay, so I sanded them down and then left them like this while I was working on some other stuff. Note: You shouldn't leave boards laying out in the sun like this because it draws the moisture out and they start bowing upwards towards the sun - lesson learned Mr.B I won't let it happen again.

Obviously, I need supports. So I went to Lowe's and found these bad boys which I loved. I wanted to bring the dark stain and lime green from the dresser over to this side of the room and the scroll pattern in this mimicked my stencil so it was a match made in shelf heaven.

They sure are lookers. I tried to find them on Lowe's website but the only thing that would come up was these. Just check your local Lowe's to see what they carry - they have them by the dowels and moldings.

After I was told about my juvenile move of leaving my boards in the sun I brought them down to the basement and let them flatten back out and got to work staining them.

I tore a page from Mr.Miyagi's book a long time ago on how I should stain - wax on - wax off, anyone? I apply the stain and then I wipe it off. Here you see can I've applied the stain - and let it set in for a minute and then wipe it off. I used the Minwax Red Mahogany that I used on the dresser and kitchen cart.

Here is how the edge looked after the stain application.

As for the brackets I used the green paint I mixed back when I did the dresser. Then I just took the rag I was using to wipe the stain off and rubbed them down to give them a rustic look.

I got 4 total so that each 5' board would have 2 supports.

This is what the brackets look like for installation purposes - that little bracket goes over the screw in the wall and then you put the shelf on and screw the shelf and bracket together. Easy peasy - so you think.

 I let my boards dry overnight and then I enlisted Mr.B's expertise to help me install them.

I didn't seal them because I didn't seal the dresser either and really liked how that looked and I was trying to carry that look over onto the other side of the room.

Since I wanted the shelves centered on the longer section of my L shape desk Mr.B used drywall anchors because the shelves wouldn't be screwed into studs.  Note: he knew I was going to be putting books on these shelves and not pictures frames - okay, moving on.

Anchors are pretty straight forward - hammer them in a little bit and then take a screw driver and screw them all the way into the wall - follow up by screwing the screw into the plastic part. Easy.

Once we had the brackets on the walls - Mr.B drilled a pilot hole for the screws that would attach the board to the bracket. He drilled pilot holes so that we didn't splinter the bracket or the shelves.

After the pilot hole was made he screwed the shelf and bracket together - so they became one with each other.

Shazam! Here's what the first one looked like after installation. Pay no attention to the random lamp in the middle but please note the height of the shelf. My desk is counter height and I made a chalk board/ cork board last year that I wanted to have on this wall also. The chalk/cork board couldn't be to high or it would serve no purpose because I wouldn't be able to reach it. So we measured the height of that to take into account how high the shelf needed to be and we also measured the length so that the brackets didn't get in the way either. 

There she blows! 2 lovely shelves waiting for books and decorations. I was so pumped that I snapped this picture and immediately got to work with decorating them. My books and magazines have been in storage containers for a couple of months so I was happy to be able to bust them out. 

Surely, this doesn't end how you expect it to. I busted out those books and magazines all right. I was placing my years plus worth of Interior Design magazines on the top left shelf when all of a sudden BAM! Mr.B was on the phone in the next room and he came running. The shelves came down like way, way down. They brought a whole new meaning to drop it drop it low, girl.

Here's what I have now - HOLES! Not beautifully decorated shelves with all my design books and magazines on display - holes!

The vase that was in the above picture on the right is now in vase heaven and my computer which you can see was open is where everything land slide towards so that got a little cracked. Until I looked at this picture I thought it was closed so I'm glad that it was only minimal damage.

Sooo...obviously the anchors and lack of screwing into a stud was obviously not going to work. Mr.B didn't even want me to blog about this he's afraid he'll be given a bad name now. In the spirit of being honest, I just had to show ya what really happened, and this really happened.

I'm not one to cry over spilled books. Mr.B has come up with a way to remedy the situation so I'll hopefully be able to make some progress on that this week/weekend and I'll be back for round 2 and you'll hopefully get to see my beautifully styled shelves
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