September 10, 2012

Strip Tease.

Last weekend I was so pumped to have a 3 day weekend. The weekend before we were recovering from the long drive back from vacation, adjusting to being home, celebrating my birthday and spending time with 'the boys'. That didn't leave a lot of time to work on any projects so I was thrilled to have a three day weekend to tackle some projects.

I already told you about the shelves we hung in my office - FAIL. Another project I was working on while simultaneously staining and painting the stuff for those shelves was - striping some furniture!

A guy that lives down the road from us apparently has an endless supply of furniture, bikes and odds and ends. He's either selling them or putting this stuff out front for free.

We got this brown one for $10 it had nice lines and we knew we could re-paint it and make it look really nice. It's a little wobbly so we'll just tighten everything up. The top was looking pretty bad - it sat in the sun for a little while and the paint started to bubble. You could see the brush strokes and could tell it was on thick.

This piece we got for $20 and let me tell you its a BEAST. This thing is so incredibly heaving and I just love it. Eventually when we turn the basement into another living area - this would be great to hold the t.v. or as a sofa table. I love how the legs are so detailed. 

I'm not sure if I love the carvings in the drawers but I could always fill them in depending on whether we stain or paint.

I don't know what kind of paint they used on these two pieces but its thick and you could see every brush stroke. I knew it was going to be a hassle to get these striped and sanded down - I just didn't know how big of a hassle.

I had some Zip-Strip laying around from a college furniture class project so I figured I'd just use this. I know this stuff is lethal but it's what we had on hand. This stuff can pretty much kill anything but is not limited to your skin and foam brushes. I also had a trowel on hand for scraping.

After being out in the sun the paint on this table just started to bubble up - and I grabbed and yanked and it was coming off in sheets! I've never seen anything like this before. I'm not sure if they just didn't use the right kind of paint - maybe like a floor paint or if it's just a high gloss paint that didn't adhere.

This is what I was left with when I started to peel. I wasn't complaining because that meant a lot less of the toxic stuff on this table.

The whole top of the table came off in chunks and pieces.

Its really hard to say what went wrong with the previous owners paint job. It looks like it was pretty much sanded down but maybe it wasn't and when I peeled the paint off it peeled up underneath residue. Regardless, this is what I was left with. 

The edges did not peel as good as the top did so I was getting kind of frustrated. 

I tried to use some of the stripper on the legs and it bubbled up - but then didn't do anything. It seems like it adhered it even more. I think that I should have taken these out of the sun and used the stripper on them because as soon as you applied it it basically dried and that just doesn't work.

I even tried to sand the legs on these after the stripper dried and got nowhere. UGH! I sanded the top and the edges to try to get those cleaned up better but there really is nothing to show for that.

So moving on...I applied stripper to the other table. It bubbled up right away and was really starting to make me feel like I was going to get somewhere with these.  It scares me to see what it does to the paint because I got some on my hands and they were burning! I really need to invest in some rubber gloves - but then I'd probably have rubber burned onto my hands forever. #sensitiveskinproblems

Oh hello white paint! The parts that were move in the shade were the parts that it sort of worked on. Here you can see that there is a nice layer of white paint underneath this mint color. Fantastic! 

On the top it went down to another layer or greenish - and a few spots of white in the one area.

I really think the sun was part of my hindrance because the shelf on the bottom was where I got the 'best results' if you can call it that. The spindle legs I got down to some wood. 

One area on the top I got down to the white paint. I can't really say for sure how many layers of paint there are. Some areas seems to have the top color, a different green color, and the white. While others it seems like top coat and then bare wood - and then there is others with top coat and the white. 

I know one thing - I wasn't kidding when I said Strip tease honey - because I don't have anything to show for all the hard work I did in the heat that day.

The heat mixed with knowing it was going to be a pretty big task = me not really feeling this project from the start I guess. I was pretty bummed when I didn't get as far as I thought I would with these. Mr.B said we can use the stripping nozzle on the pressure washer to get them cleaned up. 

Hopefully we can do that soon the weather is definitely starting to change and my goal was to just have these stripped so that this winter I'd have some projects to look forward to. I told Mr.B to just show me what to do with the pressure washer and he said I had to have a license to operate it. HA! He didn't know I already had my pressure washing license - I got it before I got my drivers license playa!

Have you worked on any projects recently that didn't work out quite like you planned? We know I sure have.
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