September 19, 2012

The little things...

OK, so I originally planned on showing you my finished shelves - only they aren't finished. I'm rocking all my books in plastic storage containers and the holes aren't in the wall anymore, but the spackle does need to be sanded. If anyone wants to get on that - come on ova!

There's a bunch of little things going on around here lately that aren't worthy of a whole post.

Last week Mr.B took all the railings off the porch and re-did them. What snowballed this whole project was the insurance company came and did an inspection at some random time and then mailed us a little card that said we needed to put a railing on the stairs. UH OK! Our back porch hasn't had a railing on the stairs since the day we moved in and it was like that for years before, but whatever its a safety issue. He put a new railing on one side and then we have been wanting new railings on the whole porch so he re-did those also.

This is the railings without the top piece and being unstained. These railings are a lot taller than the ones before and it's actually kind of nice.

Porch railings

Here's a picture after we stained them white. They have a nice big ledge on them now so we can put planters and actually set down a drink. The very original ones were short and you couldn't put anything on them because they were rounded. I took this picture not for the railing but for the sky that looked really crazy.

Porch railing with crazy sky

This weekend we took the plunge and bought a coal stove. When we moved in there was already a wood stove here and we used it the first winter we were here and it was sufficient. However, with Mr.B's work schedule and wood being a lot of work it just really wasn't a great heat alternative for us. The wood stove was old and it just didn't really do much to supplement our fuel oil/hot water heat situation.

We purchased a coal stove with a hopper on the back that will hold about 2 - 1/2 bags so that we won't have to fill it a lot and it is going to give us steady constant heat. We've also finished the basement since we used the wood stove so that will be a big difference for us also. Can't wait to fire that sucker up and be warm this winter. We had a 'good' winter last winter so here's hoping it's not a 'bad' winter this year!

Mr.B also did some other stuff outside last week like paint our shutters on the back of the house. When we moved in all the shutters were extremely faded and last summer we painted the front ones red and it really made them pop. He had it in his head he needed to do the back ones so he did that.

He also fixed our bilco doors which were leaking from an improper installation by the original homeowners. They were pretty rusted so he painted those with some red Rustoleum to help out our whole situation.

We've been trying to get the outside of the house all together before winter. We also wanted to get our heating situation figured out because fuel oil prices are definitely higher then they were last winter so we wanted to be able to find a better alternative heat source. We just need to get our chimney cleaned and repaired at the top and we'll be all set. We also got gutters put on so that will help with the moisture issue we had.

So that is just a little bit of what we've had going on around here. A bunch of little things that aren't really worthy of a lot of pictures. Plus, a lot of this stuff happens when I'm at work because Mr. B and I have different schedules so I can't be here to document everything!

What little changes have you been up to?

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