September 17, 2012

Trash to treasure tables.

When you see a freebie on the side of the road you probably drive right by, right? Well, I almost crash my car because I'm looking so hard to see if its a good one.

Recently, a neighbor of ours down the road had some stuff outside for sale and he also had these freebie tables. I was like hmm, and then a few days later I drove by and they were still there so I sent Mr.B a text letting him know - they were still there!

I do this thing in my head that goes a little something like this: those are cool but we really don't need them, but if there still there when I drive back through then we should get them. When I drove back through on my way home from work they were still there. So I was like phew! Then I was like why didn't Mr.B pick those up already!  So later on we drove down there and picked them up.

They were in rough shape because it had started to sprinkle a little and if you have ever seen polyurethane and rain together - it's cloudy with a chance of ugly. The next morning the cloudiness cleared up and I knew I had some JEMS!

Now, I know your looking at these things like, where's the jem? I believe Honey Boo Boo's Mama said it best - you just gotta shine it up and make the old barn sparkly again. That's all I had to do with these tables - shine 'em up and make them sparkly again!

In all fairness they were ugly. This is the exact shade of stain I loath! I also was not a big fan of the ornate 'carving' that the doors were rocking. Not a good look.

In order to get the decorative part off I just took a chisel and popped it off. They were only in there will a couple small nails. 

The next step was to get the raised panel off. This was a little harder - but after I did the first one the rest came off a lot easier. I just wedged the chisel in there and then took the hammer and shoved the teeth end in and ripped it right off in one piece.

Sometimes it needs to look worse before it can look better.  The glue and the chunks that were left behind were definitely not very ornate and beautiful. A couple of them the glue made it so that there was remnants left behind - I knew I'd have to sand them down.

Once again here's what they looked like before I sanded them down. They also had little nails from the panels that I just pulled out with some pliers because I didn't want to be sanding over them.

You can see on the right hand door there was a chunk left behind. I tried to sand it down but it was just taking to long so I ended up being able to chisel that away.

With a little help from my trusty side kick - palm sander, here is how they were looking. I sanded as much of the trim on the top and bottom as I could. It just was a huge pain with the palm sander and I was really over sanding so I just left it. I wiped them down with a wet rag to get all the dust and particles left behind from sanding.

I mean - honestly, do these not look amazing on the top - I die! Free tables and this is what was underneath the cloudy residue.

Here is a closer look at the fantastic sanding job I did. I wasn't really worried about the un-sanded parts because I was going to prim them with Kilz which is stain blocking. I knew this would hide the dark stain and help the paint adhere.

I could have put them in the living room like this and it would've been a huge improvement from when we picked them up. I was dying when I had the tops completely sanded down they're better than I even thought! 

 I was so thrilled because of what I had in mind for staining and painting. I taped the bottom part off because the decorative trim area was going to be white, but the bottom piece I was going to stain. The top edge was also going to be stained - the part before it starts to step down into the top trim.

I just used regular old painters tape and taped around the entire bottom edge and made sure it was sealed really good so that nothing seeped.

This is why I was so thrilled about the top though, after I sanded them down and saw how the outside was trimmed out like a frame I knew I wanted to play on that and the hexagon shape. I taped the inside of the framed area because the outside was going to be painted and the inside was going to be stained.

Now you can get a better idea of what I wanted painted and what was going to be stained. I just thought that the middle hexagon would look so good stained and then to have that top edge stained would carry it down into the piece. The bottom trim part would just continue the look I was going for.

Here they are after a coat of Kilz. It is obviously not even or completely covered but it's primer and its not supposed to be perfect. 

I really wanted to play up the hexagon and I figured what better way. It was already framed out on the top and the middle piece is so awesome looking. The stain would really make it pop and look great.

Its primer - give me a break! 

I just used a brush and slowly went around each side so that I didn't get paint on the top part. I did in a few spots but I just wiped it up right away and it was fine.

I wanted to take a picture of how I did it. I like to paint or stain things so that I can see the best. I really don't want to be cranking my neck or standing or sitting all weird to get a good angle. So since I wasn't painting that top ledge and the bottom I just flipped it around and around. You can also see my pro tools - a regular paint brush and the small roller brush which I swear by when it comes to painting furniture.

The next step was paint and I'll show you all that tomorrow. Right now all I have left to do is stain the bottom piece so I'm dying to get that done and put them upstairs. Let me just tell you they look great!

What do you think? Not bad for free tables right!
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