September 27, 2012

Welcome the dutchess.

I've mentioned that we got a coal stove and we'll be using that this winter as our alternative heat source. It is downstairs in our basement where the wood stove used to reside. This spot was easiest because there is already a hole and it ties right into our chimney - one side is for our furnace one side is for the coal stove.

We thought about putting it upstairs but that just meant a lot of extra work ( putting a hole in the wall, tiling the floor and wall, etc..) and it would take up prime real estate in either the kitchen or the living room neither of which has any space we were willing to give up.

This coal stove is going to work and function a lot better than our wood stove did. We have a thermostat hooked up to it so we can set the temperature that we want and then it will steadily keep it that temperature. The back of our coal stove has a hopper which feeds the coal.

With the wood stove we weren't used to a constant temperature because as any of you know with a wood stove the first couple hours you're sweltering and then it goes down - you can constantly feed it and keep it sweltering hot, but you need to be home or awake to be able to do that.

Our next issue was how we were going to get the heat upstairs. Our main concern was getting it from the basement to the first floor. When I showed you the tables here - you saw there was a vent in the floor. That vent is directly above the coal stove. Heat will definitely be coming up through there - we also put three others - 1 more in the living room and one in the kitchen.

The other thing I mentioned we were going to do was put a screen door on our door to the basement.

This is what our door looked like before - the year we moved in and used the wood stove we kept it open and used a baby gate to keep Maximus from going downstairs. The thought of having to do that again gave me a migraine. I hated having to step over the baby gate to get downstairs - huge pain! Plus, when the door is open it blocks the hallway which is just annoying.

Wood stained door that we were going to cut in half.

Enter wood screen door. So for whatever reason Mr.B had a memory lapse twice and never actually measured what size door we would need. So he purchased one 36" screen door and that was too big - so we returned it and he got a 32" door and that was too big! I was like, "Umm, didn't you measure?" and he was all, "I forgot I guess." Okkk, moving on. I looked on Lowe's website and they did stock a 30" which was good - these are like $39.95 and if you have to special order a size they're like $197 - big difference.

Wood screen door purchased from Lowes.

Then our neighbor came over and was like ,"Oh you should just cut your door in half." So then Mr.B was texting me at work and I was mourning the loss of my cute screen door. I don't mind a dutch door but I had one growing up. My Dad worked downstairs so we had to keep the top closed while he was working so it didn't smell upstairs, and I just remember the top part flying open and slamming you in the head. No bueno.

So there ya have it -Welcome the dutchess!

Dutch door with shelf.

 Mr.B got a pine board and used his router to give it a nice edge - the same way he did here with my shelves. Stained and polyed it to match the door which is the same as all the trim.

Close up of door and shelf.

He pre-drilled 4 holes along the back and then used screws to secure it. It looks dirty but its not - I promise .
Close up of shelf.

It was pretty simple to do - use a circular saw and just cut the door in half where you have a line marked. We added the shelf so that it was finished off. You can keep it off, but I really liked the look a shelf brought to the table.

There ya have it - we are going to fire the coal stove up any day to try it out and make sure its operating correctly and hopefully once we start using it daily the heat will be coming up through our new door.

What projects have you been working on lately?
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