October 8, 2012


I mentioned Friday that this weekend was the Applefest! We went yesterday and it was just as fun as last year. They have about 10 huge tents with loads of craft booths, rides for kids, barbecue, apples (obvi.), apple fritters, apple pies, apple cider, etc. ( I just felt like the guy in Forest Gump -"Shrimp gumbo, fried shimp...)

We walked through one of the tents - fueled up on barbecue and then got down to the business. There was so much cool stuff - but most booths had signs up that said no pictures - bummer!

I'll show you what we brought home though! We went to this awesome booth - I think we also picked up the cool basket I mentioned here from them last year not sure.

This doily was so cute and rustic and dirty looking. One side is off white and the other side is more brown it literally looks dirty in a not gross kind of way? For $2.95 we couldn't pass this up who doesn't love a doily?

Rustic doily from Bittersweet Farm Mercantile

I also loved this little coiled circle. I think it's meant to be used as a trivet and I just love the colors it's so awesome. It was $3.00 and things like this are usually more expensive so I was in lurve.

Braided trivet from Bittersweet Farm Mercantile

This little jem you won't really be able to appreciate but if you were here and could smell it - OMG. It's fruity and spicy smelling and just emits awesomeness. Love it! The price tag on this was $2.95

Potpourri from Bittersweet Farm Mercantile

We picked all those great little jems up at a booth called Bittersweet Farm Mercantile. They have a Facebook page that you can check out here. I was looking through their pictures and I need to go there pronto. I saw some old milk jugs, old windows and a lot of other cool stuff. They aren't too far from us so we might be taking a trip there.

The next few things we picked up at a different booth they didn't have any business cards out and I didn't get a name - sorry!

I loved this little colander - I had already purchased that wonderfully smelling potpourri so this was just the item we needed to put it in. $3.00 holla!
Potpourri holder
This runner is awesome! They had a bigger one but I wanted to use it for the center of our table so the big one was too big. Then our friends who we went with saw this one and were like ASHLEY! People were looking at me like a rabid dog as I tried to make my way over. It's so awesome I love it - once again its the same braided style as the trivet we got. It was $9.99 and it's roughly 28" x 8.5"

Braided table runner

Braided table runner

So those are the things we came home with! We didn't get a lot because when there are that many crafts and that many booths its total sensory overload and you could spend your loot in the first tent so you have to be a little critical.

I put our potpourri holder on our mantel with our L.L.bean Guide to the Outdoors that we picked up a couple months back at our libraries book fair - we got it in a bag for a dollar.  The panda is a Boyd's Bear. ( Holla Mom! She collects Boyd's Bears so that's a shout out to her.)

We put the runner on our kitchen table with our napkin holder and I have a little ceramic tray holding our salt and pepper. I think it looks OK, but eventually when we get a new coffee table I'd like to have it on there to show it off more. 

We put our doily to use on our book shelf under our basket of 'apples'. 

I moved a bunch of stuff around and did a little re-arranging so who knows how everything will end up. The trivet is just on our kitchen counter for now adding some color and being cool.

We obviously got some apple fritters which were delicious. It is pretty cool because you get to watch them dipping the apples and putting them in the huge frying vats - as you wait on line to get yours hot out of the oil. 

We also picked up 1/2 court of apples and everyone has been talking about how apple season wasn't good this year, but let me tell you the apples we got were HUGE. I'm talking 1 is a whole meal. They're nuts and I can't wait to make an apple pie with them - Ohhh yeahh!.

What fun fall activity did you do this weekend?
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