October 25, 2012

Big fatty listy listerson.

Mr.B and I are both very hands on. I’m the one who comes up with the design and he executes it – sometimes but not always. Basically, we are constantly seeing things we like and we end up wanting, building or getting it – so we are kind of all over the place.

That makes me panicky because the Interior Designer in me needs and wants everything to be perfect all the time. I hate the interim of things not being completely finished and perfect. I also like to think long and hard about doing something so that we don’t regret it later.

We have a lot of projects that are developing and brewing and some that are dying like an un-watered plant. So in the spirit of letting you in on these projects and trying to organize them in my mind here is our big fatty listy listerson.

Mudroom – we tackled some of our storage last winter and while we don’t hate it we wanted it to be more finished and complete looking.
  • Vertical wood paneling on the walls in a gray color
  • Big bench that has some storage in it for hats, gloves, scarves, etc.
  • Shoe storage – make our own shoe dresser like Ikeas.
  • Put our washer and dryer back in there
  • Add cabinets and counter top for adding storage and a folding spot for clothes
  • Hooks for coat storage
  • Tile flooring
Here’s what were working with now…on the right is a rack that holds shoes and a boot tray.

The Freckled Redhead - Mudroom
Kitchen – the kitchen is a big undertaking and will probably be doing in stages – a lot of stages.
  • Build a big hutch, kitchen table and corner cabinet
  • Build all of our own kitchen cabinets and reconfigure the layout – add island cabinets
  • Paint the walls
  • Re-do all the flooring in a darker hand scraped finish (Living room and hallways would have to be refinished also.)
Here is what we’re working with – when we added the new cabinet it definitely made the kitchen feel more functional, but we would still like to build all of our own cabinets and have a nice big island.

The Freckled Redhead - Kitchen
Living Room – we are almost done with the living room but there a few things.
  • Make matching side tables for couch and Mr.B’s chair
  • Add art work on the walls that couch is on
  • 2 matching lamps for new side tables
  • Flooring ( see Kitchen)
Here’s where we are at right now – once we add the matching side tables and some art work we’ll pretty much be finished in here.

The Freckled Redhead - Living Room
Bedroom- we haven’t done anything to our room since we moved in.
  • I want an upholstered headboard – Mr.B wants a wood one (We still need to figure this out)
  • Accent wall behind bed using pallets
  • Build dressers and side tables
  • Paint the walls a darkish gray color
  • Add artwork and other decorations to the walls (We purchased nice hooks awhile ago that still haven’t been hung up)
Here’s what we’re working with now – the bed frame is old and for a water bed, the dresser I re-did awhile ago and its my Great Grandma’s so we won’t be getting rid of it just relocating it to our guest room.

The Freckled Redhead - Bedroom

So that is our list as of right now but I should warn you that it changes daily or by the second depending on the day. We want to go room by room and try to stay focused to that were not jumping around and having a million unfinished things happening.

Of course I’ll keep you updated as we go.

Does your list of house stuff grow and grow and grow?
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