October 9, 2012

Cork it up.

My office is slowly becoming a nice place to sit and work. It has definitely improved since we first moved in because now I have this gigundious desk. (That word is in the dictionary - look harder)

A while back we made a chalk board/ cork board and we had it in our mudroom area. We initially thought it would be so fun - we could have people sign the chalk board and it would be like living art. Except - we never bought chalk for it and so people could never sign it.

After we put the shelves up I was like ,"Ohhh yeahhh" - I wanted Mr.B to move the chalk board into my office and put it under the shelves. Really - it wasn't an after thought I knew before we put the shelves up I wanted the combination board underneath so we took measurements to make sure it would fit underneath just fine after. We might not have been able to do the shelves right the first time - but we were determined to get the chalk/cork board right.

Here's how it was looking after we had the shelves up.

Custom shelves hung on the wall

We just centered the chalk/cork board below the bottom shelf and it fit perfectly! Woohoo. The chalk board was easy to make. We bought a already cut board in the pine section of Lowe's. The board is a 2' x 4' and we just measured it in half and put chalk paint on one side and then used construction adhesive to glue the cork squares to board on the other side. We used trim around the edge to make it look more finished.

Cork board - chalk board combination

It was looking pretty bare though and you know how I love quotes so I wanted to add some but I didn't just want to write them on paper or print off pictures from Pinterest. I Google searched quatrefoil stencils and found this one and this one

I printed them out and then cut out the middle section so that I could trace around it. All I used was an xacto knife and a steady hand.

Stencil being cut out with xacto

I went onto my Pinterest board with all the quotes I like here. I found the ones I wanted to use and went into Word and picked the font and color I wanted. Then I held up my stencil (before I cut it out - but it would've worked a lot better if it were after) to the screen to make sure that the words fit properly and then I also had to make sure that quotes didn't run into each other.

Using stencil to line up quotes on computer screen

After that I printed my quotes out onto card stock so that they would be a little bit more substantial. I lined up my stencil over the quote and got it positioned how I wanted it and then I traced around my stencil. I printed the stencils on regular computer paper but I could have easily printed them on the card stock also.

Tracing stencil to cut out quotes

Here's how it looked after I traced it - the shape of the stencil is pretty forgiving. It might look like it'd be hard to cut out with a xacto but it really wasn't.

Traced stencil around quote

After I cut them out I just took an eraser and went around the edges to get any of the stray pencil marks.

Cut out quote

After I cut the first one out I could use the card stock cut out as my stencil and it worked a lot better. I just did that for the rest of them. Traced around the stencil - cut them out - erased pencil marks.

Card stock stencil

I put them up on the cork board with some clear tacks and added some pictures and my ceramic letter "A".  

Cork board with finished quotes

I still haven't done anything on the cork board side because I still need to get chalk. I want to try using those chalk pens and make a cool design. The cork board side for right now is fun - eventually I'll put up some inspirational pictures after I go through my magazine clippings.

I'm happy with how the quotes turned out because I didn't want them to be plain old plain.

What are some of your favorite quotes?
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