October 3, 2012

Easy Peasy.

Sometimes a project just finds me. This weekend I had a couple of projects I wanted to start/try and then all of a sudden I was starting another random project. I was in my office re-arranging my desk for the third time in 1 week and I realized I didn't like my lamp shade anymore.

This lamp shade came with a floor lamp I bought at Target a while ago. I switched it and put it on my desk lamp because the straight sides work better for that application. It was a little too white though and I realized on Saturday I was sick of that.

Lamp shade from Target

Initially, I was going to put some faux bamboo wallpaper I have on it. Then I was going to try to utilize all the wallpaper books I have, but no one sheet would've been big enough to cover it and I didn't want it to look jenkity.

Then I remembered my new stencils! I decided to do the line stencil because it would cover more area and it worked best with everything that is already going on in this room. My stenciled dresser is in here so I didn't need it to be over powering.

Stencil taped to lamp shade

I just taped the stencil on and then used a flat bottomed sponge brush and a clearance sample pot of purple Valspar paint from Lowe's. (The tag was ripped off so unfortunately, I don't know the name or the formula for this color.)

The first stencil I went a little too heavy handed and there was a little bit of paint run-age. (That's a word now, by the way.) I purposely started on the seam of the lamp shade because I knew the first one wouldn't be perfect and I also knew I'd never have the seam facing out.

First stencil on lamp shade with sample pot of Valspar paint from Lowe's

After the first one I realized I just needed to blot thinner coats - I could still get the darker fuller coverage I just had to go slower so that it didn't bleed. That technique worked a lot better. This stencil is very small though, so it took quite a while. Each one overlapped so I just took the blow dryer and would dry it after each one - sometimes I could do 2 without overlapping. It wasn't too bad though because of the material of the shade and blow drying it dried really quick.

Stenciling almost done - just showing the technique.

So after stencil, blow dry, stencil, stencil, blow dry, stencil....I was finally done!!

Finished stenciled lamp shade

All-in-all I'm happy with it - it's fun and adds character to the room. Is it perfect, no, but I wouldn't have done it the way I did if I wanted perfection. I very easily could have measured out and placed the stencil perfectly each time, but part of what gives pieces character and charm is the hand made quality. I was also thinking about ruffing it up with sand paper or white washing it, but I'm going to live with it for a while.

Stenciling is finished on lamp shade.

What have you decided you just didn't like the look of something and changed it on a whim?
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