October 10, 2012

Hello, Office.

OK - whose ready for this one? There is going to be lots of pictures - basically how my office started and its evolution to where we are today.

I don't have any pictures of my office before my new desk, but here is how the transformation has gone.

I was able to get the counter top for a really good price from my job so I just had to get it. I really wanted a big huge desk that was counter height. I lusted after the craft tables from Pottery Barn for a long time but they are just too expensive.

I used (2) kitchen cabinets as my base cabinets - it gave me the storage and the height I wanted. Mr.B installed them for me and this is how it was looking pretty much right after.

Office before

My desk chair wasn't high enough to use and we had those stools downstairs. However, those stools were too high and they were uncomfortable to sit on.

Office before

I really wanted to add a gallery wall in my office and include the people I love and keepsakes. I also got a new chair which was counter height and it was cushioned so it was much more comfortable. The chair is from HQ home and we got a great deal on it. We happened to go in one night and they had a bunch of counter height stools on sale for $50. I had been searching around for a while and a lot of upholstered counter height stools were a lot more so I was thrilled!

Office progress

I also stenciled the dresser which I use for storage which you can see more about here

finished dresser

Here's how my office looks right now. I have to have a little bed underneath for the Roo Baby because he doesn't like to be left alone anywhere - he is wherever you are. He also loves to get up on the desk and walk around and look out the windows. When your a shorty - you embrace any chance you get to see the world from that point of view.

Office now

I love how much room I have to be able to do projects and have both my computers up and running. I only use my other computer for photoshop stuff because it is on that computer and not my new one. 

Office now

I have a lot of storage for all my craft and design supplies and I love it. My desk is laminate and can pretty much withstand anything!

I'm really on the fence about the cabinet color - I've gone back and forth about what I want to do with them. I've thought about changing just the middle panel, stenciling them, re-painting them, adding a decorative detail....I just don't know. I want to keep living with them for a little while until finally an idea will hit me and it'll be the ONE!

In a perfect world there are a few things I would change:

  • Wall Color - when we first moved in I wanted to paint the walls a deep purple and do stripes in flat and high gloss
  • Flooring - I would love to have a laminate or hardwood flooring in here
Really there isn't too much I would change I just wish it wasn't carpeted and if it had to be carpeted maybe a more neutral color like tan. Oh well, I know that I'm lucky enough to live in a house big enough where Mr.B and I can both have a big office space to ourselves.

What project have you been working on that is slowly progressing?
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