October 1, 2012

It's a wrap!

Remember that time we put shelves up in my office and didn't screw them into the studs and then I slapped a years worth of Interior Design magazine on the top shelf - and then BAM! Both shelves came tumbling down and my computer got slammed.

Yeah, I remember. I also remember that it took an inordinate amount of time for those shelves to be put back up - but it finally happened this weekend!

After they came tumbling down Mr.B knew exactly how to remedy it - that wasn't the long part. We finally went and purchased two 1 x 4 pine boards and I stained them the same color as my shelves - red mahogany  After everything was dry we took the boards and brackets that were already attached and added the pine board.

Mr.B drilled a hole in the side of the bracket through the pine board. He pre-drilled the wholes so that the wood wouldn't split.

He used a trim nail to screw through the side of the bracket into the new pine 1 x 4.

Here's how it looked after the board was screwed into both brackets. 1 trim nail on the side.

After that he pre-drilled five more holes along the back edge so that the board would be firmly attached along the back.

This is what it looked like along the back. You can see we just lined up the board with the shelf and the bracket and then screwed in trim nails in the pre-drilled holes.

The main purpose the of additional board was so that we would have somewhere to screw into the studs this time. That's numero uno on the scale of importance! Mr.B figured out where the stud was - which wasn't hard because we already knew where there wasn't one, and he installed my desks in the stud. After that he measured out 16 inches on the board so that we would know where the studs were. He pre-drilled the wholes again - and then he put one screw in on one side.

While I was holding the other side we made sure it was level and he screwed in on the other side. 

We put two screws in on each end of the board and then two in  the middle. That means that each shelf has six screws ALL in the studs holding it up. The brackets are now just there for decoration they really are serving no purpose. When the shelves came down the first time some of the metal hangers were actually ripped out because they were only held on by 1/2" trim nail. He was a little nervous for me to put stuff on them again because he was having flashbacks from the last time.

There ya have it! My shelves are up and styled and they didn't fall down in the middle of the night. Looking back I realized I might have been a little over ambitious the first time by trying to put over a years worth of magazines on them. 

I decided to just put the Interiors magazines I have from the 1960's up there with my design books and other fun books I have. I also put pictures, painted letters from Hobby Lobby, my @ symbol because my initials are AT duh. I also threw in a panda bear because I collect them and have a bunch throughout the house - which I'm sure you've seen before.

Definitely, much more successful than the last time. I think we both had amnesia the day we put them up because why we just thought centering them on the wall and not worrying about studs was a good idea - I don't know. I also don't know why I thought it was smart to start on the top shelf with a 14 magazines.

What project did you work on this weekend that's been lingering?
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