October 16, 2012

Love list.

It's been a little while since I've showed you what I'm currently loving and want to purchase.

Here is this editions lucky winners:

I love Sherry and John Petersik who are behind the blog Young House Love - so I can't wait to see this book. They've given out sneak peeks on their blog but the suspense of all the hidden book projects is killing me. You can pre-order it now so get on that!

Young House Love Book!

I was going through some of my magazines that are piling up and I came across an article in Good Housekeeping about the Blog Cabin series and this bed was featured. It is awesome! I would almost reconsidered an upholstered headboard for this headboard. Almost.

Isa Bed from World Market
Washi tape is huge right now - I haven't used any but I've read that Target's brand is good and then I came across Downtown Tapes and there are so many different patterns to choose from so now I definitely want to try this stuff out.

Washi Tape from Downtown Tapes Shanghai Sunbursts

I would love to find an awesome fur coat at a thrift store - real or fake. I don't agree with how they get the fur for fur coats so I would never buy a new one, but I think if I recycled an old one that is better? Maybe not. Anyways....I love this faux fur vest from H&M.  I'd rock this until I found a coat.
H&M Faux Fur Vest
When I first heard the world premier of this song on Elvis Duran I didn't really love it. Now, however, I love it! Rihanna is a boss.

Rihanna Diamonds
I :love Alicia Keys and when I saw her perform this at the MTV awards and Gabby Douglas was up there doing flips I died. I fricken love the Olympics and Nicki Minaj and Alicia. Perfection. A couple of weekends ago I couldn't get enough of this song and was singing it to my sister while we were Face Timing - she loves my singing voice.

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
This ceramic owl from West Elm just isn't any ceramic animal - it is a speaker! A while back they had a bear and I fell in love but it was gone by time I saw it - now they have 4 different animals to chose from!

West Elm ceramic owl speaker

This list was kind of random , but then again I'm kind of random so it works. I'm jamming out to those songs as I write this so definitely hook yourself up with those songs. You also definitely need to check out John & Sherry's blog if you haven't and pre-order their book. I'm dying with anticipation.

What song are you jamming out to or what product are you dying to get?
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