October 24, 2012

Mini updates

I mentioned that we made a few changes in the living room and you might have noticed them. The other night after Mr.B finished the table we were so excited so we brought it upstairs to see how it fit. I died laughing because it just seemed so big and neither of us thought to ever look at the measurements of the table.

I decided that it was nice and I liked it – but I wasn't digging the room. The rug just wasn't working and I had been telling Mr.B I wanted to put this other rug we had downstairs upstairs because it was the perfect size.

So this not the most recent picture – but that is the rug we originally had in there and I like the rug but it was just driving me nuts because it really wasn't the right size.

The Freckled Redhead - Living Room
I moved that rug under our kitchen table and love it there. It’s bigger so you can easily pull the chairs out and it makes it feel warm and cozy. Once we have a different table it will look even better!

The Freckled Redhead - Kitchen Table
So after I moved that rug I needed something in the living room and we had circle rug that I put in there and it was too small and just looked weird especially after I moved the trunk out of there. For some reason I never thought to take pictures, thank god, there’s no proof I did it!

I went to Target to check out the Nate Berkus stuff and ended up finding some awesome pillows. They are Threshold brand – they were on clearance for $12.98 and I was pumped. The front side is red and blue plaid and the backside is a blue velvet – LOVE.

Once we get the other side tables built we will relocate those ones and we still need to get some lamps. We also want to take down the wind chimes which just totally aren't working (I think I’ll go do that right now) and then move the sunflower ( my Mom doesn't understand why I have it that high – I liked it there before but now with the couch on that wall I guess I guess I don't) we want to add vertical art pieces to each side of the window – I want something with some red and yellows accents. I already add the red in the pillows I just need a couple more things to pull it all together.

The Freckled Redhead - Living Room

The Freckled Redhead - Living Room
You always get to see Max – so here’s a nice shot of Kota. He’s had a long week at work so he’s pretty tired just chilling on the couch. (No, I don’t actually like him on the couch but … the guys tired)
We added a bigger rug that we had on hand and it works so much better. The couch actually fits on it Mr.B’s chair fits on it.  It doesn't interfere with the fire place – perfection. It picks up the blue from the curtains but its dark enough that it grounds the whole room.

The Freckled Redhead - Living Room
Some other things to update you on is the chimney – its finally finished! WOOHOO! I know, I know – real exciting stuff. It’s completely parged on the outside and they added caps to the top. Bam!

The Freckled Redhead - Chimney
I showed you making my clay bowls here and I just wanted to update you on how the drying process went. They were mostly dry in 2 days and I was able to take them out of their bowls and let them sit and dry the rest of the way. So 4 days tops – and they were dried out.

The Freckled Redhead - Clay Bowl

So there are some updates for you – we have so many projects we want to tackle. I swear I have 30 ideas running through my head at all times – that’s why I’m addicted to notebooks people!
Make any small changes that had a big impact lately?
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