October 11, 2012

Thursday round up!

I wanted to share with all of you some of the things I've seen around lately that - I'm LOVING.

So first of all if you aren't familiar with -Spoonflower - they are an awesome website with loads and loads of cool fabrics, wallpapers and even wall decals. That's not even the best part about them though, you can upload a picture and get it made into any of those things! How awesome is that.

When I saw this project on their blog I was in love. Upload a picture of a recipe written by your Mom, Grandma, Grandpa....and then use the fabric to make tea towels. Awesome!

Spoonflower custom fabric made into tea towels.
Spoonflower custom fabric - tea towels.

I'm a big fan of Etsy so I was thrilled when I found this awesome tutorial on their website for how to make paper. I've been dying to try making paper and their tutorial is so easy to follow.

Etsy paper making tutorial
Etsy Paper Making Tutorial
I'm really picky about my sandwiches. I absolutely love a sub - but I can't purchase a sub in the morning on the way to work and then eat it later, I will gag while eating it. I also can't eat a sandwich on bread because the bread is too thing and gets stuck to the roof of my mouth. I only like sandwiches on rolls and they can't be pre-made. I found this turkey wrap and I was like I have to make this. I could easily still separate everything and then make it at work. It's so simple but I never know what to put in a wrap because I'm a sub girl - so this inspired me.

Turkey Club Wrap
Turkey Club Wrap
How awesome are these frozen whip cream dollops! I need to make these because how perfect would a couple of these be in a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone loves whipped cream - but frozen whipped cream that will also cool off your hot chocolate - perfection!

Frozen whipped cream dollops
Frozen Whipped Cream Dollops
This is the perfect time of year to make leaf skeletons. I love the look of them in a frame with white paper behind them. Totally awesome.

Skeleton leaf tutorial
Leaf Skeleton Tutorial
When I saw this I wanted to immediately run out and get knitting supplies. When I was in college I learned to knit and I made a bunch of scarves. I don't think it would be hard to start up again and this cowl makes me need to start up again. It's so cute and so easy!

One Skein,One Night, Seed Stitch Tall Cowl

The Internet is a beautiful thing. You can Google search just about anything and Pinterest is the hub for all things you never knew and never thought you needed to know. For a constantly thinking, creative mind it is a porn site and I love it!

What have you found on the Internet lately that made you DIE when you saw it?
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