November 2, 2012

Frankfurter Friday!

The other night when I was taking pictures of the living room - all the boys were sitting in the chair
together. I thought it would be a great time to try to get a family picture - so I setup the timer and away we went.

It was a disaster because Kota thought it was a game that I would run and sit by them - Max of course sat on the edge of the chair ready and waiting. 

I got a hilarious picture of him though - he is so funny its not even funny. His toe-hawks are out of control and his Grandma T hates how it looks but those big paws with all that hair are sooo cute. You really can't even tell that it's a paw on the left it looks like a fur ball.

The Freckled Redhead - Maximus the Dachshund

Cheers to the weekend!

My family has been in the dark since Monday and my parents were told there power wouldn't be restored until Monday at 11:59 pm. My sister and brother-in-law they just keep telling 7-10 days. My brother in laws family lived on Breezy Point where the fires were and it is just devastating - keep all the people that were effected by the storm in your prays, because it might not have hit where you live but it did effect a lot of people.

We worked on a couple of exciting projects last night and I can't wait to share them with you next week!
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