November 12, 2012

Magazine hoarding.

I am a magazine hoarder. There I said it!

The first step is admitting you have a problem – and boy do I ever. One whole drawer of the dresser in my office is filled with magazines, I've got them in baskets in the living room, an ottoman in the living room, upstairs, downstairs – they’re everywhere

I got a lot of free subscriptions with points through Recylcebank so now 10 magazines come at once and I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t want to go through any of them.

Months and months ago I scanned all the articles I had on hand that I ripped out of magazines. Then months and months after that I went out and bought some binders so that I could organize the hard copies.

Now months and months later I’m finally sort of getting around to it.

Here are my supplies – cutting board, xacto knife, binders, sheet protectors and tons of magazine pages (not shown).

I want them to look as neat and clean as possible to I trimmed of the rough edges. Sometimes they are totally uneven but I just did my best to get the most roughness off.

Then you just put them back to back and place them in your sheet protectors. For pages that have something on both sides just put one in the sheet protector.

Even the ones that the edges weren't really bad I just trimmed the little bit off so that it was clean and neat.

I separated them out into fashion, beauty, d├ęcor, food and so on. For now I just put them all into one binder because I’m going to need a lot more sheet protectors than I anticipated.

Once I get more sheet protectors I’ll separate them out into different binders or have page dividers for the different sections.


This would be a quick and easy project if you didn't have hundreds of magazine pages. However, I do and so I quickly lost my ambition – especially when I realized I wouldn't have nearly enough sheets for all the pages.

Do you hold onto magazines until you've gone through them?
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