December 19, 2012


"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup." How can you not love Buddy the elf seriously. I mentioned the other day that we've been doing some baking around here for the Holidays. It doesn't involve the elves four main food groups, but they're still good!

Every year I try to bake several different kinds of cookies so that I can bring them to our families houses and give them to our siblings and friends/neighbor. I don't know what it is this year, but I've left out an ingredient in nearly all the cookies -I'm a total hot mess.

If you go on Pinterest it is cookie over load. There are some nice lists with links to all different recipes here and here. Did I mention there was over load?

Last year I came across a recipe for crinkle cookies through Iowa Girl Eats. They are awesome - not a lot of ingredients (even less when you forget some) and they are yummy!

The Freckled Redhead - Iowa Girl Eats Crinkle Cookies
I used to get Rachel Ray Magazine and one year right around the holidays she had a whole section of cookies. I told my Dad to pick one and I'd make them. He picked rugalach so that year I made homemade delicious rugalach and fell in love.

If you are familiar with The Food Network Magazine they sometimes have inserts in them and one year they had a cookie insert and it had something like 50 different cookies using 5 different dough's as the base for each. So it was in there I found an even easier way to make the tasty rugalach. You can find the recipe here. This was one the only recipes I didn't forget something - and how could I it's so simple!

The Freckled Redhead - Food Network Rugalach Recipe

I also found Martha Stewart's Coconut Bars last year. Which are really similar to a box mix that Eagle Brand's used to sell. These are really simple too - but I overcooked mine this year and had to throw them out and still need to re-do these ones. UGH.

The Freckled Redhead - Martha Stewart Coconut Bar Recipe
I usually make thumbprint cookies because they are my favorite. This year I decided to change it up and was going to make Brown Betty Buttons that I saw in my Food Network cookie insert, but I'm feeling a little defeated and think I'm going to forgo those this year. You can find the recipe here though, if you'd like to give it a shot.

I also wanted to make something different instead of the standard peanut blossom cookies - I found this recipe from Bakerella for peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate. 5 ingredients – so simple – I promise I didn't mess these up.
The Freckled Redhead - Bakerella Perfectly Peanutty
Last but not least – the classic spritz cookie. I have the cookie press from Pampered Chef and it came with a recipe for spritz cookies so that is the one I use and you can find it here. Spritz are one of my favorite cookies – they’re just delicious. I might have forgotten 1 cup of flour (I just realized I typed flower instead of flour - really?) so mine spread a little, but they were still really good.
The Freckled Redhead - Pampered Chef Spritz Cookies
I don’t know what it was this year, but I just wasn't a good Christmas cookie baker. I think it was because I was rushing to get them done and then get to the next thing on my list, and also because I was trying to multi task while I was making them. I would be making dinner and be whipping up a cookie batter at the same time. Next year – I will start sooner and focus!

So lets here it – what is everyone’s favorite cookie for the holidays?
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