December 7, 2012

Frankfurter Friday!

Here we are another week down and 1 week closer to Christmas!

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas. Actually, I wouldn't say we love each other at all. I like Christmas movies, music, cookies and the feeling of Christmas. However, I hate the frantic running around to get presents and stressing whether you got something they'll like or spent enough or too much.

It has been nice to have the Christmas tree lit up at night though, that I will admit. I even made some of my Christmas cookies already and will hopefully get a few more batches done this weekend. Oh yeah, and hopefully I'll get some shopping done.

We have an ugly sweater party to attend Saturday night so that should be fun! I told Mr.B that we probably wouldn't need to go out and get him a sweater he could just use one in his closet. Hearty-har! I've got jokes for days, you have NO idea.

We had to relocate our "storage" basket because of the Christmas tree. Max was loving it - as soon as Mr.B left for work he ran into my office and jumped in there so that he could watch him pull out of the driveway. Every time he's come into my office since - he has to jump in it. Let's not forget he is 2' long and has 2" legs there is nothing graceful about it.

I hope that in my next life - I have it as good as this little guy. The belly rubs, massages, kisses, cuddles, treats, name it! Most days he gets up with me and goes potty and then lays down for a nap. I wish that's all I had to do to deserve a nap. No matter how you look at it he has a great life and I'm just saying I wouldn't mind a day in the life of Maximus!

Happy Friday - I hope you get to nap this weekend!
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