December 14, 2012

Frankfurter Friday!

I have a song in my head - and it's the final countdown (you can't say it normal you have to say it like them). After this weekend it is the last weekend before Christmas for me - I am travelling home next weekend to be with my family before the holiday. 

Things are wrapping up nicely around here. See what I did there - HAHA. I'm waiting for a few things to be shipped, finishing touches on some others but for the most part I have everything pretty much done.

It has felt like the longest week ever though. I have felt a little off this week but I'm ready to start making some changes. I know I need to start working out again because winter and winter foods just do something to my body and my body does not like it.

I even was able to squeeze some more cookie baking in this week so that was nice. I've had a few cookie mishaps though that set me back. I should be finished with all my cookies this weekend though. Next week I'll share with you all the different kinds we made. We like to give them to our families and friends/neighbors as little thank you. I mean who doesn't love cookies?

Look at mah mans little face seriously how can you not love it? In the mornings he typically will get up with me after a lot of stretching, moaning and groaning. He goes outside, comes in and waits for his pumpkin treat and usually he retreats back upstairs to go snug with Mr.B. At the beginning of the week every time he'd come into my office with me and whine and jump and make a huge fuss. He's obsessed with getting on my desk. I'll put him up here and he'll walk all around it, sniff everything and then he'll lay down right by the mouse so I have to touch him.

He's too cute to get mad at though. His toys are in a closet in the hall because Kota isn't supposed to have toys, because of his work.(Don't worry he gets toys but its supposed to be a reward when he does.) This week he was slamming on the door with his paws and doing his little yelp. It was funny,cute and annoying all at once. I let him in the closet and him and Kota each went and in and grabbed a little something they wanted to play with - it was really funny. They are two hombre's those two. A funny little fact about them is that they were both born on the exact same day and year. We got Kota when they he was 1 1/2 though- we always say that's why they're so close and thank goodness because Kota doesn't really love other dogs, ever.

Happy Friday and remember - the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!
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