January 18, 2013

Frankfurter Friday!!


It feels like its been a long week and it kind of has. We are throwing some ideas around and so projects are kind of on hold for right now, but I'm still going to keep on blogging away!

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to re-work things around here so I've been doing a bit of research and I also got some great feedback which lead me to decide a couple things. I also had what I think is a fantastic idea so I can't wait to have a little bit of time in front of Photoshop to try out my "vision".

Around here it isn't just any old Friday - it's Mr.B's birthday!!  We had dinner with his family the other night to celebrate and he took the night off so we are going to go to dinner wherever he wants. We hardly ever get a Friday night together so we shall enjoy ourselves!

This morning I made a bunch of Happy Birthday signs - with some other sentimental thoughts on them and put them all around the house. I put one on Kota's crate because he gets him out after he wakes up, 1 on Max's food in the bathroom closet, and 1 on Kota's food in the mudroom, 1 on the Keurig, and 1 on the guest room mirror because his clothes are in there and 1 on the bathroom mirror! I also left his present and his card on his side table because he won't see that right away.

I'm a total dork and try to always do something because it's his birthday, regardless of whether he wants to make a fuss over it or not - I want to make it feel like a special day, because who wants to wake up and it feel the same as any other day - ya dig?

Now onto the main man Maximus! (I really like the sound of that) This little guy is sooo spoiled! His bed that usually residues under my desk is on my desk and he had Kota's huge bone up there to chew and then got tired so feel asleep.

Now, I  know what your thinking, he (with the 3" legs, yes, we measured) didn't put his bed, blankets, bone and himself up there all by himself - and your right. However, lately he won't sleep on his bed when it sits under my desk like he always has - he jumps and jumps and scratches my legs while I sit in the chair and waits to be picked up.

Then he gets on my desk and drinks all the leftover water out of my glass (I always have a glass of water when I get up and sometimes there's some left) and then he'll sit on my arm or on the mouse until I put his bed up there and then he'll go and lay down. The bone was up there because he had been playing with it on the floor and then stared and cried at it from the desk. He's done this the last couple of mornings because Mr.B had work and was gone by time I got up - so he was totally pouting because he knew he was going to be alone all day, and he's not used to that.

Brace yourself family - my kids will be just as spoiled.

Cheers to the freakin' weekend & birthdays!!
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