January 25, 2013

Frankfurter Friday!

Let me tell you this week felt like the song that never ends - it just goes on and on. On Wednesday it felt it should have surely been Friday.

I digress - it's Friday now so who cares! Mr.B has the whole weekend off and we've got a bunch of stuff to do - starting with some exciting grocery shopping tonight. It really is kind of exciting though, we finally used up pretty much everything in our freezer and the pantry is quite bare as well. Usually, when your down to the last few things your just throwing meals together, but we actually weren't so it was kind of nice to just use everything we had.

I hate to just keep adding things on top of things so it was very cleansing for me to know there's nothing lurking in the freezer. I went through everything in the pantry last night and there were more '11 expiration's than I would've liked and even an '09. How does that even happen? In the blink of an eye I just turned into my Mother. Just kidding Mom, sorta. :)

I hope to get some thrifting/consignment shopping in this weekend - it's been awhile since I found a jem and hopefully this weekend is my weekend.

It's been frigidly cold around here this week - as in below zero at night and into early morning and only getting into the single digits during the day. We are feeling a little cooped up and have been dreaming of warmer days!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend and finding some jems!
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