January 2, 2013


So I took a little break but I’m back! I just wanted to share some of the awesome presents that Mr.B and I got.

1. Tea Pot with a Sweater – my Bro-Lo steps up every year and gives me awesome gifts – and this one is awesome! It’s hanging out right on the stove since we got it. I found it’s from Target, but couldn’t find it on their website so check stores.

2. Shamrock Trivets – my Sister and I love Irish stuff and she knows I love woven trivets. They were a set of four and I love them. I use them for lots of things – for example I have one of Mr.B’s side table it’s great for protecting the surface.

3. Lodge Moccasins- I asked Mr.B for these because I needed a new pair of slippers since my other ones had paint and stain and everything else on them. These are very warm and comfy – they were a little tight at first but stretched out to fit perfectly.

4. Personalized Sister’s Figurine – The quote on this says “Sisters are guardian angels of each other’s hearts.” I definitely cried when I opened this it was so sweet and it has both of our names. I just love my scissor.

5. Dachshund Jingle Dog Pen – I can never get enough Doxie themed stuff because, we all know how much I love Maximus. Mr.B picked up this pen at a local store, but I also linked it up for purchase online.

6. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Car Kit – my Aunt got me these they are serious business. They’ve got jingle bells and they’re like 3 feet tall and the nose is HUGE! I m not sure where she found this exact set but I linked up to a set on Amazon.

7. Weller Electric Wood Burning Kit – I got this for Mr.B because we’ve been making a lot of stuff (my Moms table) and he kept saying he’d like to be able to put his initials or mark it somehow.

8. Junk in the Trunk – My Sister got me this ceramic jar that is awesomely named because it looks like a tree trunk. The picture is deceiving because its pretty big roughly 4” x 5” I didn’t expect it to be that size when I took it out of the box.

9. Steel By Design Sideways Cross – I’ve been wanting a sideways cross necklace for a while now and my Mom went above and beyond. This is stainless steel but in a rose gold color and it is awesome! It’s reversible so you can have the crystals or the polished side and the chain is super shiny! I can’t get over how awesome it is I LOVE IT!

10. Weiner Dog Corn Holders – my Sister knows I love a good Doxie item and I’ve been seeing these corn holders around the web and thought they were so cute. I can’t wait for summer so we can have some corn and use these puppies.

11. Michael Kors Summer Purse- Mr.B hooked me up with an awesome purse. I couldn’t find an exact match, but the tag said Summer. It’s got a lot of room and pockets and I love it because I always bring a book and my iPad with me so there is rom for it all.

12. Plaid Wool Ruffle Jacket –my Mom got me the jacket I wanted from Old Navy. I don’t have a nice long jacket that can be formal or casual. It fits perfectly and I absolutely love it. They don’t have it on the site anymore but you could check your stores or keep an eye out on the their website. *update it's on their website to I linked it up!*

13. Samsung Soundbar with Wireless Sub woofer- I was so excited to get this for Mr.B because he wasn’t expecting it all – he hooked it up right away and it’s pretty awesome. We didn’t want a mess of cords everywhere so the wireless sub woofer is perfect. ( I purchased mine from BJ’s but they don’t have it on their site anymore)

I got Mr.B some fishing stuff and some work stuff and he got me a few other things as well. My parents also gifted my sister and I with Pandora bracelets with an Irish glass bead - which we love. It was so thoughtful and I can’t wait to see what other beads they get us. My favorite gifts are the ones with the most meaning and my favorite part about the holidays isn’t the presents it’s getting to spend time with the people I love. I also love to see other peoples reactions to what I got them that really is my favorite.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas I know I feel very blessed for all the gifts I was given and for the time spent with the ones I love!

Max and Kota of course got gifts and it figures Max destroyed 2 of his right away and then was stealing Kota’s. I think someone should’ve been on the naughty list.
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