January 10, 2013

Sprucing things up in the bedroom.

Easy does it - I'm talking paint, bed, and linens.... get your mind out of the gutter. If Mr.B and I had to make a list of 'house resolutions' one would be to resolve the mess that is our bedroom.

I literally had to open up the vault to find this picture - it is from back in August - want to know how much has changed? Not-one-thing, well actually that's only partly a lie - that pile of clothes on the dresser has since been put away.

The Freckled Redhead - Room Ideas

The bed frame was never my jam. I don't like the finish, the wood grain, the headboard portion.....and it's an old water bed frame so the mattress sits down in. When we first acquired this frame there was fancy boards with velvet on them that went all the way around the top.

We just really need to do something with this room. If you look near the top right of the picture where the beige walls turn to white - that is actually an angled wall but it is painted the ceiling color and has the same slight texture that the ceiling has. I'm not sure who decided the wall was the ceiling and the ceiling was the wall - but I just decided that we are ending this identity crisis.

I like to think things through and make sure each centimeter of the room is well thought out. So before I come home one day and the room is in shambles I want to be ahead of the game and have a plan.

The Freckled Redhead - Room Ideas

This little mood board is helping me sort out all the things I have in mind in my head. We are definitely going to be painting the room gray. The one on the mood board is Mark Twain Gray Brick by Valspar. The back wall where the bed currently is we would like to do a plank wall - and instead of white it'll be a lighter shade of gray. Haven't really decided yet I initially thought Behr Anonymous as the darker shade and Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles for the planked wall.

I really like the Chestwick Upholstered Bed and Platform from Ana White- we want to have it stained and not painted because there will be a lot of other painted stuff in the room - we need some wood tones. We'll need fabric for the headboard - but I don't want to pick some heavily patterned fabric that I like right now, because I'm afraid I'll get sick of it. I really like the Braemore Silver Ikat fabric because it has a pattern, but it's light and kind of organic.

I'm leaning more towards all white bedding (with two dogs with dark hair that shed, I know I should commit myself) but then I found the City Gingham bedding on West Elm - which would really play off the two different shades of gray on the wall. I also love the Organic Chevron from West Elm because its kind of timeless.

We have a dormer in our room so we want to make it into a little hidden nook. I want to have Mr.B build a platform and then have a cushion on it - and then put curtains up so it's like a little reading nook. So that means - curtain fabric, cushion fabric, pillows... deep blue and yellow are what I'm thinking of for the accent colors so I can bring those in through the different linens.

Right now things are kind of all over the place. I have some things kind of figured out and others not so much:

  • Need to figure out nightstands so Mr.B can build them - they'll be stained to match the bed.
  • The wall/ceiling issue - do we paint it the same color as plank wall, plank it, or paint it the color we are painting the other walls to frame it? (Alert: first world problem - I know.)
  • The pinkesque carpet - should she stay or should she go?
  • We also want a new mattress - sleep number, tempurpedic...?
  • The linens are all to be determined at this point - I need to pick one and work from there so it could be awhile.
  • Lighting - I know some people are going to question my design degree, but we want a ceiling fan. If you've ever been upstairs in a cape code  in the summer you know what I'm talking about - leave me alone.
We basically only have a few things figured out - and that's putting it nicely. Right now it seems overwhelming for me because I don't know how everything is all going to work, but with a project like this you just need to have a base and then just start it and everything just falls in to place after that. Projects like this are hard for me because I'm so indecisive when it comes to picking things for our house.

Here's hoping that we start working on it soon because it has already been way to long. I want a nice relaxing space and that reading nook is already screaming my name.
Any gray color suggestions? Fabrics, bedding, mattress recommendations, room ideas....I'm all ears spill the beans.
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