January 1, 2013

Top 12 of 2012!

I’m backkkk!!

I’m ready to do the damn thang and what better way to start off the New Year then to look back at my favorite projects from last year!

To start things off our Bathroom re-do was one of my favorite projects. It turned into a bigger project than anticipated but it is so worth it to go in there every morning and LOVE it. You can see all the details here.

The Freckled Redhead - Bathroom Re-Do
One of my very favorite projects was refinishing the dresser in my office. I still absolutely love it! You can see all the details here and a little update here.

The Freckled Redhead - Stenciled Dresser
Another favorite in my office was the addition of my big desk and the shelves above my desk. You can see our first attempt at the shelves here and our successful attempt here.

The Freckled Redhead - Desk & Shelves
I love to refinish furniture so tackling our kitchen cart was a fun project for me and we are so happy with how it came out. Details here.

The Freckled Redhead - Refinished Kitchen Cart
We also added additional cabinet space in our kitchen which made for a great little coffee area for Mr.B. All the details here and here.

The Freckled Redhead - Cabinet Addition
Without a doubt some of our favorite projects were in the living room – which right now feels complete. We started with making our awesome coffee table. All the details here and here.

The Freckled Redhead - X Coffee Table
Once you have a coffee table you need matching side tables right? Of course – so we made two matching side tables.

The Freckled Redhead - X Side Tables
Then we needed something for the wall behind the couch and decided shutters were exactly what we were looking for. Mr.B built them and I finished them – details here.

The Freckled Redhead - Shutters
What really made things feel complete was the addition of our new (to us) lamps. We re-wired them so technically they are new – details here.

The Freckled Redhead - Rewired Lamps
Back in the kitchen we converted our basement door into a dutch door and we are loving it because it really helps let the heat from the coal stove rise upstairs. Details on that here.

The Freckled Redhead - Dutch Door
Another simple project that we did in the kitchen that we love is changing out our pendant lights and putting mason jars on them –details here.

The Freckled Redhead - Mason Jar Pendants
One cheap and easy project was the freebie tables that I re-did. Originally, they lived in the living room, but they've since been relocated to our guest room. You can see all the details here and here.

The Freckled Redhead - Free Tables Refinished
There’s the look back at the top 12 of 2012. Here’s hoping that this year brings projects that are just as fun – as we continue to make our house a home!

Which project was your favorite?
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