January 17, 2013

What I like...

I participated in the, "What I like about your blog" link up through Heather from Inspire Me Heather.

It is an awesome link up that Heather puts together. She takes 100 bloggers and then sends 2 blogs out to each person and you have to review the 2 blogs and say what you like and what you don't like. Anything from content to design are up for discussion.
I was so happy to be able to get in before there were a 100 people and even more excited to see what my 2 reviewers had to say. 
I was pleasantly surprised with my reviews but it did make me take a step back and look at my blog and realize that while my header is fun - my background is just bland and everything is kind of white. 
I went right to work trying to figure out a background, but then that turned into I need a new header, and that turned into I need a whole new theme....and it really snowballed. I'm really trying to decide whether I should keep using my header and just re-develop everything else. They say you look "unprofessional" if you are changing all of your stuff a lot - so I already feel like I have a blog identity crisis because I've changed my header a couple of times already.
In the beginning when I started I just had an ikat background with a text header plain and simple - I just wanted to see where I was going with this whole thing. Then I sat down and developed a header I liked.
I love purple - and I'm a freckled redhead - ok, good to go.
The Freckled Redhead - Header

Then I felt like I needed a tagline and my sister had suggested when I started my blog maybe I should call it splash of design. I really liked that and said that would be my tagline and then totally forgot to incorporate it into my header. So then I went back to the drawing board and added it in. I played off the ash in splash because duh, my names Ashley!

The Freckled Redhead - Header
Then I don't know what sparked it but I decided I needed to really change it up - add in a Dachshund silhouette because Maximus is such a big part of the blog. This is where we are now and I loved it until - what I like about your blog. Now, don't get me wrong both the people that critiqued me said they loved the header, but I'm struggling here. What should I use as the background then?
When I design invitations for people it is a lot easier because I'm not emotionally attached to them like I am to this blog and the design. It's not up to me and what I want it's up to them and what they want. I give them ideas and direction, but in the end it is always their vision. This is my vision and it's so hard for me to walk away and stop changing it and tweaking it. Mr.B says he likes this one too and I should just change the background.
The Freckled Redhead - Header
In the spirit of really keeping it real around here today I'll show you some other designs I've done...some way back in the beginning and others that I'm tossing around right now.
The Freckled Redhead - Header

The Freckled Redhead - Header

The Freckled Redhead - Header

I'm still not really sure, but I've been playing around with the layout and sidebar layout also so either way -whether I keep the header or I don't there will be some changes - eventually. I want to really make sure I like everything before I initiate another change.
That's all I got for you today - just keeping it real and letting you know what's going on around here. I've had visions of headers in my head lately.
I'm open to any and all criticism so let me know what you think.
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