January 30, 2013

What’s on top

What’s on top of my countertops that is. I showed you at the beginning of the week the cleaners we use around the house - and yesterday I showed you some cool mason jar soap dispensers. I thought it would be nice to show you what we keep out on our countertops all the time.

I've mentioned how I’m a little OCD and it doesn't stop at the cleaning - I have a thing with there being a lot of things on the counters.

I like to keep the basics and necessities out and some things don’t really have any other home because we are lacking drawers big time in our kitchen. I was excited just to be able to add one big drawer over the summer (read about it here and here)..

Starting from the left I have my Kitchen Aid - I leave that out because that thing is a beast and who really wants to pick it up and up and move it every time you want to bake something - not me!

I have my flour and sugar out on the counter and I don't mind that I actually prefer it. We also have a toaster oven that is convection and use it for so many things. The obvious things like toasting bread, bagels, english muffins etc...but also for making onion rings, french fries, heating up many things....it's a lot easier and more energy efficient to use the toaster oven for the side dishes then to heat the whole oven for some french fries and onion rings. They also come out better in there because it's convection so everything cooks evenly and gets nice and crispy.

The Freckled Redhead - What's on our counters
I have a granite cutting board that I recently relocated from our kitchen cart to the counter because it's great when I need to prep stuff for dinner. I have a container with all of our utensils because we have nowhere else to put them. I don't hate the utensils out but I'm not in love with them being out either.

We also have a knife block that has some extra knives in it. That comes in handy when you just need to grab a knife quick to open something or to chop something up quick.

On the right of the stove I have 3 metal containers - in their first life they held cookies - and then my Mom gave them to me and now they hold spaghetti and fettuccine. I have them out on the counter because I like the look of them and they're easy to just grab when I'm making something and need them.

The Freckled Redhead - What's on our counters
I don't like having a lot of stuff around the sink. Paper towels, dish soap, hand soap and then an old Pyrex dish that holds scrapers and our sponge. We don't use a drying rack but I do have a microfiber drying mat that I use when I take stuff out of dishwasher.

The Freckled Redhead - What's on our counters
Our new cabinet that we added gave us a lot of extra space - because before everything was cramped because we had the kitchen aid, keurig & the toaster oven all needing a spot. I don't even remember how everything fit. So now on this counter it's just the keurig with the bamboo tray underneath to hold the k-cups. Mr.B's parents picked up the vintage coffee grinder for us and so that hangs out over there too.

Above we have the hanging basket that we picked up on vacation. Originally, it held our potatoes and onions....we have this new potato box (I don't think I've shown you yet) so we still keep the onions in there but the bottom basket holds extra bread and rolls when we have them. It's kind of funny because when we first hung this up I was cleaning the onion skins off the onions and putting them up there nicely - so keeping it real that hasn't been happening.

The Freckled Redhead - What's on our counters
The Freckled Redhead - What's on our counters
We have limited drawers and limited counter space. Some things we are used to having out like the utensils, flour and sugar and other things need to be out like the kitchen aid, keurig and toaster oven.

It's always changing - I moved a few things around right before I took these pictures. So I'm always adding and subtracting and trying to figure out what works best and really that's the best way. You can also kind of see that I added a runner that goes from the sink to the stove - it was one we had on hand that I'm trying out down there. So far I love it - I'm going to keep an eye on Rugs USA sales and see if I can get one for a good deal.

So what do you keep out on your counters and what has to be put away? Everyone's different so it's nice to hear what everyone's preferences are.
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