February 25, 2013

Favorite Apps!

I have an iPhone and iPad both of which make my days a lot easier. There are apps I use every single day for many different things so I thought I'd share them with you.

I have the Apps Gone Free app so I can see what has become free and have found some cool apps that way. Definitely worth checking out you can find anything from productivity apps to camera apps to games - each day they show you the newest ones.

One. Smart Alarm Clock - I found this app from Apps Gone Free and downloaded it to give it a try. It is actually kind of interesting because through your movements it graphs out how many rem, light and deep sleeps you had through the night - and wakes you up at the optimum time so that you don't wake up feeling tired. I use the alarm that came on my iPhone the most - but this one is kind of interesting.

Two. Flipboard - I use this every single day without a doubt. I have my Google Reader and Instagram linked so that's how I read all the blogs I read as well as check my Intagram feed. You can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well....and many other things. A few others I have on mine are RealityTea, USWeekly, Huffington Post....etc. Best app ever!

Three. Wunderlist - This app is great for making lists. There are so many things you can do such as adding people to the list which could be helpful - so you could share a list with your husband so you both knew what needed to be picked up at the store or something like that. I just use it to make a quick grocery list or things I don't want to forget.

Four. Instagram - Obvi! I flood the system with cute pictures of Maximus on the reg. I love all the filters but I use EarlyBird for all of my pictures just to keep in consistent. I love to look at everyone's pictures more than anything and only like to look at them in the Flipboard not the actual app - so I only upload photos in the app.

Five. Vine - this is a newer app that Twitter created to share video. It is pretty cool because you can video different things at different times and it just pieces it all together for you. I've seen some pretty cool videos on here - it might become as big as Twitter and Instagram but we'll see.

Six. Slacker Radio - There are so many different ways to listen to music because there are so many apps but I really like Slacker. There are different 'stations' to choose from and you can favorite songs and then they all go on their own station so you can listen to them.

Seven. Evernote - I absolutely love Evernote! I make so many lists and documents using this app. You can make to-do lists so easily and there's little check boxes you can add so you can check it off as you go. It syncs all devices as well as your computer so wherever I am I can pull up a to do list or something I jotted down really quick.

Those are my favorite apps that I use on a daily/weekly basis. I would definitely recommend trying our Evernote and Flipboard. So what is your favorite app? I love trying new ones!

(Update: I got the Note'd App that was free today and it's awesome! You can create a bunch of different notebooks with different designs and custom titles and add notes to each notebook. You can voice record your note and even attach a location and picture. Only downside is - it's only for iPhone.)

Also, I entered Creating with the Stars - Popularity Voting ends on Friday so if you wouldn't mind head on over and click on my entry #47! There are so many great projects linked up so it's worth a look!

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