February 15, 2013

Frankfurter Friday!

Well, this never ending week is finally coming to a close - thank goodness.

My little man has been really mopey this week and I'm not sure why. I think he is officially over winter just like the rest of us. He absolutely loves to be outside and he still goes out and spends a lot of time out there, but it's just not the same for him.

All the sticks are hidden under the snow, there's no pool to swim in...he's just been a little miserable. We also have a hard combination with him and Kota. Kota's reward is his tennis ball when he's at work and after he has done something - so we can't really have toys laying around. Before we got Kota there was a huge basket of toys and Max would have them all - all over the house. So now the only 'toys' are bones and chew type toys which Max does love because he just destroys plush toys anyway, but sometimes I feel bad.

They really are like our kids - so I decided to spend some time every night when I'm home with Max (in my office with the door closed when Kota is home) just playing with one of his toys. He loves you to just throw it back and forth....so whatever it makes him happy I'll do that.

It's been a while - so here is an InstaDump! (You can follow me on Instagram here)He mostly just plays in the snow and then sleeps , while guarding his bone because he wouldn't want to share with Kota, and then sleeps some more.

They get along so well though so we definitely couldn't ask for anything more. It could've went a totally different direction so we know we are lucky. Maybe it's because they are twins and were born on the same day - so they are the exact same age.

Getting love is another one of Kota's rewards - so I can't just be kissing him and petting him at home, but I always feel like when Max is getting a lot of love he's looking over. There's a tricky fine line that you can't cross...but I'm getting it figured out.

We love them both and couldn't ask for better dogs. They both make us laugh at the funny things they do and make us feel loved. So we enjoyed a lovely dinner at home last night and then watched some of our shows that we both like and hung out with our fur babies.

Enjoy your weekend!! I can't wait to show you how the pantry turned out - we got it done Tuesday night and I just keep opening and closing the door in awe!
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